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Subj: Iron Man 30: Rhetorical questions...
Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 at 11:44:26 am EDT (Viewed 561 times)

ie: Rhetorical if they're not answered...

Not saying good or bad but Tony's getting tons of characterization in ALL the OTHER titles and the thing distracting is that his characterization is distracting because it seems... different. And despite the questions below, still thought it was an okay issue with decent art.

Preview: Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #30









-pointless poser cover unless... cant figure out that symbol- is he's behind some story-significant wreckage?

-awww, Prev Page has no headshots this time?! Team Alpha is not that interesting maybe including headshots of Farrell, Carstairs, Gomez, Colletti would help?

-some retconned relationship/partnerships are a bit trying to accept but willing go with this one. Still, found the hologram displays too high tech for back then, even with sliding timescale.

-Katarzyna: The woman on the armchair or serving the drinks? Most likely the wife but as presented it was real hard to tell. (And why not toss in the other name?)

-did editor miss that "trade him in" should be "trade her in"?

-so, apparently Rahimov is smarter than Bruce Banner when it comes radioactivity containment? And apparently, Stark is dumb to keep all the flaws with his microcircuitry safeguards from way back then?

-confused... last Stark knew his old friend was dead 'til this afternoon, happened just before last issue, when he learned Rahimov was thrown into a dungeon after his wife was killed? So, behind the scenes, this is why Stark agreed to get involved by helping Russia stop what could arguably amount to nuclear testing in another country?

-was IM distracted to let that cheap bazooka shot get in or were his armor systems that ineffecient? (More likely the former.)

-Tim??! Even though it's his name - it's an odd thing to call him. That's a nitpick for sure, as all the comm-link conversations gave the mission a realistic feel to the story.

-the Overkill Horn mass looked like a mass of visually boring mess. Presumably it was growing into the more interesting plated brain shape. The Pentagon Guards looked predictably lax in handling Weir. Fortunately the good response time and flybys the military jets was respectable. Maybe the Liberteens should be stationed at the Pentagon for guest star potential - though don't think even Whiz Kid could have caught the thing as it got from DC to Khirkistan VERY fast.

-dont know Weir, don't yet care about Weir. Over half the pages of this issue and last devoted to him seems like too long/bland an origin so far. No idea what his grudge is yet so no the collage came across as pointless. Hopefully his intriguing transformation at the end will pique my curiousity of him.


-confused... IM went to get help to stop the nukes but comes back one man less? Just left for, what, better diffusion tech, story device?

-very neat toenail boot extensions seen midflight. Has this been shown before?

-they all speak fluent english in Khirkistan (apparently)?

-threatening basically two-bit rebel with a repulsor to the head... uhm... yeah, right...

-PALADIN !!! The image brought guest star joy until.. Call the Continuity Cops!!! Doesnt know his status??! Reads waaay off whether it's before OR after Last Defenders. He was robbed of characterization in that title hopefully he gets some update next issue and isn't just a generic merc again. At least tell us if he gets to keep the Helluva-Handgun.

Post your Paladin comments on the H4H MB!!!!!!

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