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An Interview with Mike Deodato Jr., by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong

Editor Lysa Hawkins describes Witches as "the Magical Marvel Universe's equivalent to Charlie's Angels, with Doc Strange as Charlie." Witches centers on three lesser-known female mages of the Marvel Universe: Satana, Jennifer Kale, and Topaz. These three join Doctor Strange for a series of adventures bound to be...well, magical. Satana is Satana Hellstrom, sister of Damien Hellstrom and a succubus who'd made appearances in Vampire Tales until her death in an issue of Marvel Team-Up. Jennifer Kale made appearances in Man-Thing and Howard the Duck, and Topaz first appeared with Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night and later in Doctor Strange as well.

Updated News
It's been announced that Witches Megazine will be publishing a reprint of issues with old tales of Satana, Jennifer Kyle, and Topaz. Mike Deodato Jr. will do eight pages which will be mixed with pages of the great Spanish artist Esteban Maroto . Deodato's part will be in full color within the megazine, the rest will be in black and white. We've also learned that the cover to Witches #1 will be coming out in a poster book this summer and there is talk that it will be made into a full size poster...


  • Q: Who's on the creative team for the upcoming series?
  • A: Bronwyn Carlton is writing and I'm penciling it. She's a terrific writer. I am truly delighted by the real, natural, very well-written dialogue she's created for the series.
    Lysa Hawkins, the editor, indeed chose the best person to write this project. By the way, let me say that I'm extremely pleased by working with Lysa. Her joy and dedication to this project is so intense that is almost palpable. Our excellent relationship definitely affected in a very positive way the result of my work in this project.
    There is no inker, it is being colored directly over the pencils. I'm doing super tight pencils, so it won't be a problem. I don't know who will be the colorist, Joe has decided to use someone else. The piece I've sent you was colored by an excellent colorist from Glass House staff called Hermes.

  • Q: Will this title be a Non-Coded title?
  • A: Yes, it will. At least, that's what I've read in the Newsboy Bulletin: "Quesada also said that Mike Deodato's new title Witches will be in regular Marvel Universe continuity, but may not carry the Comics Code Authority seal."
  • Q: Will there be new villains, old villains, or both appearing?
  • A: That is the best part. Lysa gave me total freedom to remodel all the characters, so even the old ones may seem brand new. I'm using some famous faces as references to built the characters. Mena Suvari, Timothy Dalton, Thora Birch, Van Damme, Zeta-Jones, Paul Rudd among others are all source of inspiration to me.
    There [are] two of the good guys I'm thrilled to work with: Man-Thing and Werewolf. Being a big fan of them, my goal is to create the ultimate version of these two great characters. Hope I get [the chance].

  • Q: Will the first issue double sized and in what format will it be?
  • A: The main story has the average twenty -two pages. I'm not informed whether they'll keep this format or fill it in with extra material and make it bigger.
  • Q: Why change the look of the characters?
  • A: It was a Lysa and Bronwyn's idea. A great idea, by the way. I think that the intention is just to update their visuals to the new millenium. Now, they all look like 17/18 year old girls and although they're great babes, they aren't over-the-top comic book babe bodies. Each face and body is different on these gals. Different facial structures. Different of all I have done before.
  • Q: On the Marvel Universe Message Board, some questions have come up to why you decided to go with the look you've created (I mentioned that I thought you were going for a "modern witch" look like in the TV series "Charmed" or the movies "The Craft" and "Practical Magic", sorry if I was wrong on my guess)?
  • A: You are absolutely right. Thanks a lot for the support. :)
  • Q: How long does it take you to draw an issue?
  • A: I used to do the pencils in twenty days. Nowadays, since ... I'm using photo references more often, putting more details on, and doing very tight pencils, it takes me an entire month.
  • Q: How long have you been an artist?
  • A: Since I was about 13.
  • Q: Who inspired you to draw? Was it your father, Mike Deodato Sr.?
  • A: Yup. He taught me very many things. I owe him a lot.
  • Q: Have the two of you ever worked on a project together?
  • A: Yes! For ten years, we worked as a team in Brazil. Many of these works were published in U.S.A. several years ago through Caliber Press.
    (Note: the titles he's referring to are Fallout 3000 [his first published work], Jonas!, Protheus, and Ramthar).
  • Q: Your Jade Warrior's title has been moved 3 times to different comic companies. Will there be a 4th move or has Jade Warriors found a home with Avatar Studios?
  • A: I hope we don't need to move again, but it's not the kind of thing I can assure you that we won't. It depends weather the comic company will attend our expectations. By the way, although the "Deathkiss" preview was technically through Maximum Press, it was Liefeld when Liefeld was part of Image. The first mini-series JADE WARRIORS arc was Image, too. Only recently did we switch to Avatar -- so I count it as 2 companies.
  • Q: Do you have any plans on returning to work for Marvel or DC?
  • A: I've finished a Nightcrawler X-MEN UNLIMITED story for Marvel called The Gift. Right now I'm working on a new monthly title to Marvel too. Unfortunately, I have no permission from Marvel to release details about this project right now.
    (Note: These questions were asked before he was able to release any information on Witches. The X-Men Unlimited issue he is referring to is issue # 32.)
  • Q: What does the future hold as far as other work for you?
  • A: As I said, I'm totally focused on this new project to Marvel. All I can say is that the concept is fantastic. It's gonna be a huge success.
  • Q: You are the first person to draw the Thunderbolts in Hulk. Knowing how well this title is doing, how does this make you feel?
  • A: I'm proud, o'course. Hope they have a very long run.
  • Q: Who is your favorite Marvel hero?
  • A: Captain America
  • Q: And is your favorite DC hero?
  • A: Batman
  • Q: What about your favorite Marvel villain?
  • A: The Lizard
  • Q: And your favorite DC villain?
  • A: The Joker
  • Thanks for your time!

    Witches, new from Marvel Comics
    Editor: Lysa Hawkins
    Writer: Bronwyn Carlton
    Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
    Colorist: Unknown at this time
    Inker: None
    Promo Image Colorist: Hermes

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