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Subj: NEW Avengers #2...
Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 at 12:58:20 pm EDT (Viewed 1005 times)


Better story and art than this months Adjectiveless(*sigh* and after they smartened up and fixed the same X-men titling confusion) Avengers - but still...

Real good cover.

PrevPage: "FREE dark reignrein to protect THE WORLD as THEY see fit." That seems wrongly unconstituional in several ways and distinctly separate from the Avengers franchise. Wasnt the Heroic Age the start of a clear re-merging of the heroes expected to rightfully yell AVENGERS Assemble? Clean layout of the page regardless of this quibble.

Nice opening. Hmmm.. uhh.. interesting strategy to send your strongest member away from the fight against a giant like that instead of the fastest or most elusive. Hmmm.. uhh.. looks like they trying to grab Hawkeye demographics (of all choices) by choosing him to oddly appear on both teams disregarding the picking plot last issue. Plus http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=avengers-2010072201224520 Clint indeed does do nothing.

Aaaand the Mansion is already destroyed in issue #2 = well, maybe this will be good for a DC(NOT the Distinguished Competition but our guys) appearance. Take Dani upstairs??!! Yeah, like this giant cant wreck the ceiling! C'mon. Read the above sentence!

Not a fan of everyone of 'These' Avngers getting all jokey in a huge crisis, like this one, either.

nb: Just like referencing specific Avengers title can get tricky now(see above sentence) it might mean extra typing to clarify Adjectiveless Mansion vs Infinite Mansion the next time Sgt. C-List tears one up.

They should do well at the next inter-MU-teams football game. As long as Namor ain't QB for the other guys.

They got 2 pages - they could have at least given readers one (reference) name for Mr&Ms Picnicker.

They can either run as fast as a giant or Cage didnt punch Grimm that far.

nb: So, it seems all this time SNIKT was not the sound of a full blade extension but probably just the start of the blades scraping the knuckle housings? This worked well to FOOL me, as it did Spidey, but it also feels mishandling of the classic effect.

Huh, is that the first time Bobbi got a compliment in the 'looker department' instory from an MU character? Should Power Girl retire? ;\)

Uh.. WHY is Bobbi doing some cellphone filming? Seems an obvious (and odd) plot point.

Interesting.. different spells for different healings it seems.

So it seems that it was NOT an unclear use of The Iron Fist maneuver against the possessed afterall but a energy transfer. This misdirect seems more acceptable. At least Danny ain't casting spells from the Book of Iron Fist... damn - just saw next issue's cover.

Oh 'goody' Doc Voodoo. Lets see the Sorcerer Supreme fix things... nope things get worse. 'Goody' more drama. Readers should have at least got a name from him or Hellstrom for 'He' at this point. It will be nice to know who makes NYC (and Adjectiveless Mansion) go kablooey.

Oh 'goody' more text as part of the cover price of a 4color comic. Plus really question why the apparent contradiction of saying Rick used CB's when the current The Origin mini has apparently retconned his hobby to PCs'.

Nice to know Janet never thought of herself as a slut too.

I miss my brother.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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