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Subj: Avengers Spotlight #30: Revisiting the old Clint...
Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 at 06:11:38 pm EDT (Viewed 285 times)

Rememvber this hero: ? Good times. Guess the Bullpen responsible for Civil War II might say Barton was being prophetic about killing for Q-ratings? *sigh* He said it in...

Avengers Spotlight 030 (89/90)
22 pages by Steve Gerber & Al Milgrom

Anyways, revisited pretty much the issue here:


>Hawkfans get a full issue dedicated to Hawkeye instead of only half (granted thevariety of 2 Avengers stories in one issue was the better to honor theme of the series).
>Lotus begins her bid to become an arch enemy of Hawkeye (granted she never did amount to anything).
>Real characterization for 22 pages of Hawk and Mock (granted Bobbi makes for some silly banter explained what a drive-by shooting is to him).
>The hero is dramatically gunned down (granted he then undramatically recovers almost as fast as Wolverine would).
>Oodles of Avengers guest stars (granted it's just a name dropping presence however their concern for at the hospital was sincerely heartfelt).
>Last page introduction of the new and improved costume for Hawkeye (granted Tony Stark has upgraded Clint Barton so many times this may be a bit underwhelming in retrospect).
>Letters Page, Stan's Soap Box, Marvel Checklist, Pro File... what's not to like about their inclusion (BTW, WEHT Marie Javins?).

Backcover - OT: Did you ever play SKY SHARK?:

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