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Subj: So, Did Secret Wars Effect The Origin Of Wanda (And Or Pietro.) Again, Or Are They Still Inhumans? Clarification.
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 at 09:02:27 pm EDT (Viewed 260 times)

Spoilers just in case. I didn't read the entirety of Rick Remender's Uncanny run (Well, not much of the second series anyway.), but I know that he retconned Magneto out of their origin. And then, I THINK that it was revealed that the High Evolutionary (Oh, no!) created them and that they were really some kind of Inhumans. That's confusing to me, but I'm wondering if the origin still stood. I know that Wanda had a series by James Robinson, and I know that she was involved in some quest to find her mother or discover her. So, did he origin get changed again? I haven't really read the series. Also, does Wanda still have any of her powers, and if so, how? During the first Jason Aaron run on Doctor Strange, magic was (For the most part.) killed off. Shouldn't that hold true for most magic users? Thanks.