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Subj: Avengers #11: PBP...
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Adjectiveless Avengers 011 (2017)

Every book should have had a mandated sequence that included acknowledgement the conclusion of Secret Empire -and at least some superficial post-opinion/status of the title character(S)- immediately following #10 or #Omega! Especially THE AVENGERS!!!!! FER CRYIN OUT LOUD. Confirmed who died, who's down, who disbanded SHIELD's HYDRAvengers, what's SHIELD's USAvengers status, and Avengers Unity Squad/Division????? Besides (shockingly) Smasher, who is still considered an ACTIVE MEMBER without team affiliation/commitment after S.E.? Same old question, same old demand for IN STORY verification ASAP. Heck, just throw up a tried and true cool wall of monitors with the government and/or franchise approved headshots!

Rant over. Aaanyways, what was good here is that the book does confirm, that all the core members ultimately survived, virtually unscathed and (shockingly) unchanged; Avengers benefactor, Parker Industries is kaput; and Sam has reclaimed his role as The Falcon.

The art was... less distracting but still not my favorite or a desired styling for this book. To be fair, there were a lot of well done facial expressions. And here's some PBP...

00 Good cover.

01 Evocative splash - moreso if not for having NO sense of time passed since S.E. And someone having an Avengers Snow Globe Collection and dolls (are they supposed to be Tsum Tsum Easter Eggs?) in the HQ Meeting Room is kind of silly.

Recap Page. So weak. See Rant.

02 Avengers still use IDENTICARDS confirmed. They don't work at P.I. yet they still are granted access to the HQ? Weak. The dolls and globes were Peter's not Nadia's?

03 Playing off Spidey's secret identity for a humor bit - lessso if you consider how judgemental the members are or how uninformed they are of what went down with HYDRA-Ock.

-They have no urgent business? Really? C'mon. No explanation for the missing Redwing? They have A BIRDCAGE for Redwing? They need a name tag for Redwing's 'prison'? Really? C'mon.
-Premise of the downtime issue set up as the members pair off for separate interactions.

05 Wasp/Spidey. Continue to revisit/force the... awkward subplot of friendly-with-EVERYBODY Nadia is repulsed by FRIENDLY-neighborhood Spider-man. (No doubt for a bonding moment payoff.)

06-07 Thorette/Falc. Decent dialogue. He explains (his ongoing mixed up convictions and) why he wants to unilaterally choose to give her leadership. She continues to stymie attempts to figure her logical chronology with how she fits into her title sequentially.

08-09 Vizh/Herc. Vizh asks for insights to his prospects of immortality from the respected godling who notes his struggles with alcohol (from his cancelled series). Herc suggests to REVEL in pleasurable INTOXICATIONS and INTERACTIONS of life in the moment. Uhh... did Vizh just nudge Herc to "fall off the wagon"?

10-11 Vizh/Herc. Decent POV on life for Herc. Sort of a Legacy return of 'the old Herc' we knew. His Johnny Bravo manbun continues. selfies with adoring fans, leather Utility belt, six-pack and smiles, all in all a likable scene.

12-15 Wasp/Spidey. Ugh - Waspnadia has to battle animals on the loose again? For 4 pages? and humor The decent wallcrawler banter is what makes it less than boring.
So guess the onus in on the readers to see who is right IRL after that monkey business:

16-18 Thorette/Falc. Jane gives a good pep talk to cause the one-n-done story twist with Sam's decision. Jane delivers a funny helmet bit. Jane makes for a decent substitute to Human Torch's Four Emergency Flare. Meanwhile, Sam is using a plain old common phone app for Avengers priority monitoring?! Weak. (Viv has 24/7 WiFi monitoring - just saying.) And is Jarvis exclusively with G.I.R.L. now?

19 https://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=ironman-2017092203035853

20 Good last page catchphrase cry.


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