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Subj: Avengers #672: PBP...
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Page By Page reactions to compare if you read...

Avengers 672 (2017)

The opening in media res page is swiping that story gimmick from the Champions series. And it was used poorly, IMO. No, timestamp segue on page 2 to tell readers it prooobably happens after pages 17, right? And even then, that guess can be nitpicked - with both Spideys (apparently but not clearly) in the same spot, saying that the danger is MINUTES away - and yet they have time to dispatch squads to locales across the world?

So, Viv prooobably still lives with Vizh and just happened to be with him as Falc joined them to put out fire, eh? So, this ish casually spoiled Falc's new look that should have debuted in his #1 premiere, eh? So, as usual we're not going to find out how or how long it took Viv to get to Champs HQ in Texas, eh?

Both teams are simultaneously interested in a unspecified satelitte about to transmit proof if Counter-Earth is there and if it will, be source to gravitational disruption to Solar System... where to begin. This threat seems awful sudden. Six months prep has gone by and only they are readying for response to the readings? Couldn't a number of heroes just fly there faster and take a quick Kodak snapshot to save time? Guess we just assume Sol's Hammer Dyson Sphere is a throwaway non-factor post-Hickman? Why wouldn't Avengers have oodles of hard proof and records of it definitely being there? Why would the Avengers be so unimpressed with it not being there?

So, a Killer Asteroid pops thru a rift on the other side of the sun and is headed towards Earth. It's going to follow some unstated trajectory and get here in 51 minutes to cause an Extinction Event. The plan: get a dozen superheroes to assemble and punch it to stop. DUMB!

Spider-miles shows pettiness at Ms.Kamarvel's NON-insult about his age. Sheesh.

All the clues of things big and small 'popping' in and out of existence (and the symbolic cover) are clues at a possible Incursion type crisis. Curious clues given Herc didn't even realize his hammer popped away.

The CBMB can have the honors of determining at the double team showing to stop the Killer Asteroid. However, it seemed awfully gimmicky to give every player an equal share of contributing for gimmicky sake. Seriously? Webbing in mid-air with weak flyers as anchor?! And does anyone else HATE when a synthezoid carries a heavy passenger - let alone hover indefinitely?

So, seeding the air with those (actual "seeds" w/red glowing f/x) Pym Particles was a... weird showing for that horribly abused superpower precident. Evidently it mostly miseed but some seeds took hold as meteor popped in and out.

Herc and Hulk riding the force beam of Cyke's Optic Blast was a DUBIOUS showing too. There must have been a unspoken signal for them to leap clear because Cyke then proceeded -in the next panel!- to blast at the rock with unclear surgical accuracy and success. Plus, the clue that Hulk was carrying Herc in a leap to the ground. This means Herc has retained some of his durability depending on the plot device convenience.

So, it looks like they managed to chip it and slow it enough to be safe enough for Ms.M to embiggen to catch it. *koff* Is it precident that her pliable form is uhhh burn proof 'cuz that should scorch waaay more than a hot potato!

Falc shows ingratitude by questioning Novasam's commitement. Sheesh.

Ugh. So, the Pym Particles in this case only have an extremely limited duration. More questionable plot device convenience. Since when is it sooo temporary?

Even ignoring page #1 incongruous placement at this stage, the fact of globally dispatching squads seemed to pay more attention to homaging the classic Avengers/Defenders crossover than to the details and logic of them getting there to save the day by their lonesomes.

Finally, there's a decent last page mystery appearance of the nicely drawn Space Minotaur to generate worthwhile speculation. Hmm, if this involves an alternate Earth OR Counter Earth beings - maybe Voyager will be native to there.

Too harsh???

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