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Interesting issue. We see more of Steph as Spoiler.

First, there's a lot of meet cute stuff with Tim and Steph told in flashback. She actually seems like how she was written for 20 years before Tynion got a hold of her. She does that stuff young people who play on my lawn do - lots of phone selfies of her and Tim without masks. Tim points out that's a bad idea. She says no the pictures are encrypted and no one has ever hacked private accounts and sent out embarassing pictures - just ask Kristen Stewart.

Tim does not say, "hey we're sitting on the edge of skyscraper without masks. All someone needs to do is look up or out a window and we'd be seen. And everyone has cellphone cameras with powerful lenses, we shouldn't be doing this.'

Cut to Steph meeting with Anarky "today" in "Monster Town." Apparently a section of Gotham has been walled off by Argus because of monsters created in a previous story arc.

First, Gotham being walled off - Again?!?!?! That's been done to death.

Second, Argus is keeping creatures in. They have drones looking for them, and the people are saying I hope I find a monster this time? Not buying that. People would be scared, not bored.

Anarky and Steph fight some Argus agents who really suck at their jobs because two teenagers take them out.

Meanwhile, evil woman scientist is having Clayface capture monsters and she's doing stuff while Batman watches. Clayface says the longer I am in Clayface form, the more his "moral" center decays. I don't think that's how the brain works. Wouldn't other parts of the brain decay as well?

Anyway, she tells Clay that she needs data points to cure him, she's not evil and having him test the limits of moral center and its decay rate in no way could ever result in harm to innocents or Clayface's perception of himseflf, so stop whining and don't worry about the group separating when being chased by Jason or worry about going into the basement alone never goes wrong.

Bats is there. He says dude, willpower. That's the same advice I give to alcoholics when they're trying to quit booze.

Meanwhile Anarky shows Steph his real face. He is not an Alan Grant 13 years old. He says Anarky isn't people just going crazy that's a comic book villain's notion of Anarky. (Burn on Alan Grant).

Instead Ankary is tearing down systems built by the Man that keep people down. He tells Steph that despite her best efforts she's doing exactly what Batman does. Steph knows that and is depressed.

Anarky said did you know there are secret tunnels. Steph says yes. Anarky is depressed.

And then Ankary shows that he has built tents and has lights on plants. There might even be people living in the tents. There could be no way that a group of people living in secret underground holding a grudge who want to tear down the system, which includes the Bill of Rights, etc., could result in riots and horror. Come on Steph get with the program.

Meanwhile, Bats has been seen in the background, as if he's a Dad giving his daughter space while she tries to figure things out with her "bad boy" boyfriend.

What I thought. A lot of set up. Even the action gives no sense of danger. Say what you will about the old days, Stan, Jack, Steve and Romita Sr. always gave a sense that beating others was hard work.

We do see that Bruce hasn't forgotten about Steph. But that whole Magic arc with Zatanna and Ra's made us forget about her. Tynion should have had a page or two showing us Steph was still around.

Overall, I really am not enamored by this arc. I get what Tynion is trying to do, but I am not thrilled with how he's doing it. The characters don't read true. We don't get any idea of Bat's character. Steph seems off. Evil woman scientist is so evil I can see her twirling her metaphoric mustache. Please surprise me this time Tynion.

Or I could be wrong.

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