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Subj: Black Panther in Villains For Hire #0.1...
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Did you like T'Challa's role in it? BP significantly guest stars in...

Villains For Hire #0.1


The cover was 100% effective with misdirection in a good way. Y'really mightve thought Misty was recruiting from the bottom of the barrel. The only letdown being that just ONE of the villains appear inside. The others will probably be in #1. Speaking of which that was the huge nitpick of this cover - HATE POINT ONE numbering. It mayve been a neat gimmick once but now it is just a checklist makers nightmare everytime and regular sequential readers unnecessary chore.

Remind me why Silver Sable is in exile? [Its feels sort of uninspiringly redundant when it coincides with T'Challa's self-exile IN THE SAME comic. Details may change my opinion.]

The hero printout panels was a neat instory ID device. The annoying part that grows to pet peeve proportions is that every hero just conveniently is on Misty's speed dial if the story calls for it. It would have been so neat to show her offering the earpiece to beep T'Challa if he was in the mood for superheroing in some previous scene - maybe the Spider-Island conclusion wouldve worked perfect when they cameoed in the same panel! Or else have a scene where a bore BP decides to pick up the earpiece to tell Misty that he is available for duty at that moment. Any similar scene makes Misty magically monitoring any of heroes du jour more appreciated.

Sable is pawned by Stiltman. BTW, hilarious codename choice! Seriously. Her Symkarian flightpack is verrrrrry interesting to note too. It needs more exposition. Seriously too.

ENTER: Black Panther. So it looks like BP is a fool for thinking he could fool NYC into not recognizing him as part of that integral plot point. Also, what is it with the army vest look? Not that it might be a good tactical choice but it feels unsleek and pantherlike. Also, dont recall any instory decision process for it - which seems integral to the 'new' character design.

Loved his Stiltman fight!

Baffled by his picking up the scent if he is reportedly powerless and has been presented as so in his title.

Moloids. Why'd it have to be moloids? Indiana Jones paraphrasing aside their inclusion would normally been comic book fun. And was to a degree. Unfortunately there is a sort of uninspiringly redundant feeling with no POV explanations yet when their bretheren are popping up all over the place concurrently in FF team and War of 4 Cities, Astonishing, new Hulk 1, etc - all with different agendas. Sure, they maaay be from different tribes but the racial structures of these trolls is too muddled now. Their unidentified (Deviant?) pet monster was an exciting element to add -and fight- hence the banner submission.

The same unclarity of the Moloids status quo can be critiqued about Hellstorm. He certainly is powerful enough and makes a good showing. However, it might have been nice to see Misty recruiting him more. And now we have to wonder if his path will cross new H4Her Satana. Wonder -ie anticipate- in a good way.

Paladin did fine job vs a non-teleporting Sidewinder who appeared to be ..err.. jobbing.

Interesting Secret Six-ish finale with PM and HH pulling the strings. Not crazy about Zebidiah's handling of late but looking forward to see how thing develop in the next issue - whether or not T'Challa is still for hire. Some of the preview penciled pages at seem to be mixed up between the 1 and .1 issues.

I miss Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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