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Subj: Captain America - Steve Rogers #13: Blurbs...
Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 at 09:26:14 pm EST (Viewed 381 times)

Captain America - Steve Rogers 013

My blurbs:
• No Secret Empire banner yet on cover. Huh.

• More crazy flashback pages to endure. Six of 'em. Bah.

• "Nuff Said" panels with for readers to play Name-The-Supervillain. Pages and pages of this C-Listers gimmick. Six pages also. Bore.

• SHIELD's failing and illogic with the Pleasant Hill trackers aside, it was totally unclear why the Thunderbolts did not get the implants at the same time. Actually the best part -besides the fun cover- was the story index solicit clearly placing this with their title and (finally) the title of Uncanny Avengers vs Xavier-minded Red Skull.

• Meaningless Sin appearance just for someone for RS to showoff too.

• Zemo's meet and greet with Bob. Fluff conversation for 4 pages, 6 if you count the gratuitous double splash. It seemed totally likely that Bob is, SOMEHOW, The Sentry after Zemo let's readers in on the mystery identity. Probably the "Dark Sentry" that fought Thor in the previous Remender run in Uncanny Avengers, SOMEHOW returned and SOMEHOW connected to Pleasant Hill. Hated that reimagined character. Also, hating the Zemo new blues too - bring back his magenta!

Online blurbs:


    Kobik's flashbacks continue on and on

    Helmut is weirdly cute and polite to Bob in this.

    Red Skull has a very varied wardrobe it seems.

    Damn commies and their horrible bookkeeping!

    Sigh for Sokovia.

    So, it looks like Zemo really does believe Steve. There's brotherly love there.

    Looks like Cross Yellowjacket is here to stay. Also, interesting that Kraven is the only Spider-Man villain here, must be because Slott has no interest in using him.

    Why does Wizard get to keep his helmet on?

    Well that's silly. Getting stuck in the rocket. Why not just take off your glove?

    I'm sure that the Circus of Crime will be REALLY useful!

    Spencer just excels at writing c-list villains.


    I doubt Mordo will show, it would contradict what Jason Aaron has been doing with him.

    Graviton in a Japanese zen garden? He has the same design he had in Avengers World, also by Spencer.

    Serpent Solutions led by Viper.

    Oh $#!&, is Bob the Sentry?

    The furry is... Ferocia. Sumo might be... Pink Pearl?

    It's implied that he's a super-villain though, and despite all the horrible stuff he's done, Sentry is still a hero. Plus it'd be incredibly stupid of Hill to have the Sentry's "Pleasant Hill" persona also be named Bob.

    "We all fill -The Void- in our lives with people who care about us."

    I'm not sure it's the Sentry. Would Zemo and Steve be able to control him? Would they be able to convince him to work for them? He's too much of a loose cannon.

    Holy decompression! This issue felt quite lame. Shame on you, Spencer.

    Wait a minute, why didn't SHIELD track the villains down themselves if they knew about the tracking chips? Spencer has no fucking clue how SHIELD works.

    Can't have too much cannon fodder.

YOUR blurbs?:

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