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Subj: Question About The Relationship Between Arnim Zola And The Red Skull: How Is It? Also, Douhboy
Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 at 06:47:58 pm EDT (Viewed 398 times)

I'm just wondering how this current state with Captain America being Hydra will impact Arnim Zola. Most of the interactions between the Skull and Zola have them as allies, but are they really friends? Zola liked the Skull enough to resurrect him in the classic Captain America #350, but there have been some interactions since then that I've read between the two of them that haven't been so friendly, or where the Skull talks down to him. I think that this happened a few times during the Brubaker run. I kind of like the two of them being friends. It's kind of a shame that Zola doesn't really have a backstory, and I really didn't like him having those kids that Captain America raised. I think that Zola should have been a bigger enemy to Cap. He is regarded as a classic villain (And he was even in the first movie.), but the two of them don't seem to encounter each other too often.

I also like Doughboy (Zola's "Servant.:), does anyone know his current status? Is he still around? Hopefully he is.