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Subj: Super Seven Tourney - Round 1 Fights, Schedule, Roster and Rules
Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 at 09:26:42 am EDT (Viewed 430 times)



Fight 1
1. Tongan Giant vs. 9. Rehzon

Fight 2
2. Exes vs. 10. Incriptus

Fight 3
3. Thorion vs. 11. Dark Marvel

Fight 4
4. Joe Fixit vs. 12. Los

Fight 5
5. BK Ray vs. 13. THUNDERER!!!

Fight 6
6. Amor Fati vs. 14. The Nephilim

Fight 7
7. The Shuruku Demon vs. 15. Exes 2

Fight 8
8. Olorin vs. 16. Thorion 2



1. Tongan Giant
GL Alan Scott (Starheart) - Herald
Pheonix (Jean Grey) - Herald
She Hulk (Marvel) - E Meta
Leonardo (TMNT) - Street
Green Arrow (Conner Kent - DC) - Street
Madame Hydra (Marvel) - Street
Cheshire (DC) - Street
Add one PM level weapon for EM level or below - 5 points
ITEM = Pym Particles for Shulkie
Detailed wiki-level info - 3 points
Battlefield Prep - 2 points for 1 hour

2. Exes
EM: Blink
EM: Superior Spider-Man
EM: Thing
EM: Nova Robert Rider
PM: Skaar
PM: Moondragon
5pts:Moonstone for Superior Spiderman
2pts: Legion Flight Ring to Thing
2pt Battlefield Prep - 1 hour
1pt: List of opponents names

HE: Woden
PM: Storm Goddess of Thunder (
EM: Madison Jeffries
EM: Ms Marvel
EM: Thunderstrike
M: Black Panther
M: Eternal Warrior (Valiant)
5pts: Sword of Might for (Eternal Warrior)
3pts: Lab
2pts: Magic Bag of Billy the Kid for (Black Panther)

4. Joe Fixit
PM Maxam
PM GG Ghost Rider
PM Pitt
PM Irish WolfHound
EM Daken
M Deathstroke
M Max Lord
3 pts lab sanctum prep
2 pts super soldier serum for Max
4 pts Mother Box for Max
1 pt List of Names

5. BK Ray
HE: Dr Fate (16 points)
HE: Captain Marvel (16 points)
ST: Dr Mid-Nite (1 point)
ME: Black Canary (2 points)
ME: Wildcat (2 points, i.e. multiple lives)
ME: Mr Terrific with T Spheres (2 points)
ST: Huntress (1 point)
Detailed wiki knowledge (3 points)
1 day of lab/sanctum prep (3 points)
Weapon - give Soultaker (Katana's sword) to Black Canary (2 points).
Weapon - give Black Panther's Vibranium suit to Wildcat (2 points).

6. Amor Fati
PM: X-O Manowar
PM: Jenny Sparks
PM: Dr. Polaris
PM: Maul
EM: Kaine
ME: Ultimate Captain America
ME: Iron Fist
5pts: Bloodaxe for Kaine
2pts: Godslayer sword for X-O Manowar
2pts: Legion Flight Ring for Maul
1pts: List of opponent names

7. The Shuruku Demon
The Maleficent Seven
PM: Doctor Doom (pre-Unthinkable)
PM: Amora, the Enchantress
PM: Etrigan, the Demon
EM: The Answer
EM: Sebastian Shaw,_Sebastian
EM: Grey Gargoyle w/ Kraven's teleporter
EM: Speedfreek w/ Midnighter's mental fight implants
2pts: Kraven's teleporter for Grey Gargoyle
2pts: Midnighter's mental fight implants for Speedfreek
3pts: Detailed wiki-level info
3pts: 1 day lab/sanctum prep

8. Olorin
Herald (16pts): Dr. Strange
Herald (16pts): Silver Surfer
EM (4pts): Yoda - cartoon version w/Cyber's adamantium skin and poison claws (5 pts)
Street (1pt): Nick Fury
Street (1pt): Daredevil
Street (1pt): Green Arrow
Street (1pt): Ozymandius (comic book version)
PM weapon (5pts) - Cyber's adamantium skin and poison claws.
Lab/Sanctum prep (3pts)
List of Opponent Names (1pt)
Meet and Greet (1pt)

9. Rehzon
PM: Barda
PM: Neutron (Imperial Guard)
PM: Captain Comet
PM: Spiral
ME: Annex
ME: Forge
EM: Blue Beetle
Deadpool’s teleporter belt for Neutron 2 pts
Wiki info 3 pts
lab 3 pts
field prep 2

10. Incriptus
HE: Superman (pre-Nu 52)
PM: He-Man
PM: Optimus Prime
EM: Spiderman (Peter Parker)
ME: Captain America
ST: Batman
ST: Nightwing
Meta Item: Batman Beyond Suit Worn By Nightwing
Choose Battlefield: Wayne Manor Estate (Including Batcave)
1 hour Battlefield Prep
Detailed Wiki-level Info

11. Dark Marvel
PM-Batman 1 Million
Meta-Iron Fist( Orson Randal)
Meta-Sonia Sato
Meta-Ultimate Spider-Man(Miles Morales)
Street-Tony Stark
15 minute team meet and greet-1pt
List of opponents-1pt
Lab Prep-3pts
Black Nova Helmet for Tony Stark-5pts

12. Los
HE: Magneto (16)
PM: Professor X (8)
EM: Wolverine (4)
EM: Cable (4)
ME: Beast (2)
ME: Mystique (2)
ME: Gambit (2)
ME: Domino (2)
Amalgamate: Wolverine and Cable - 3pts
Choose your Battlefield: Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH, USA - 3pts
Battlefield Prep: 1 hour - 2 pts
List of opponents names: - 1pt
15m Meet and Greet - 1pt

Thor H 16pts
Angela PM 8pts
Baldur EM 4pts
Hawkman EM 4 pts
Hawkgirl EM 4pts
Zealot M 2pts
Legolas M 2pts
Exospex (Smashers goggles) 5pts for Hawkgirl
Aegis armor Item 2pts for Hawkman
Muramasa blade 2pts for Balder
Meet and Greet 1pt

14. The Nephilim
H- Gladiator 16p
H- WWHulk 16p
M- Starlord w/Rom's Neutralizer
M- Classic Captain Mar-Vell(pre-Nega Band ) w/Universal Weapon
M- Longshot
S- Yondu
S- Riddick (Pitch Black)
Rom's Neutralizer 5p
Universal weapon 5p

15. Exes 2
PM: Death's Head II
ST: Taskmaster
ST: Finesse
ME: Vertigo
PM: Magik w/soul sword
EM: Mantis
H: Beta Ray Bill
5pts: Amulet of Right(Captain Britain) for Taskmaster
5pts: Gauntlets of Ares for Finesse

16. Thorion (2)
HE: Morg
HE: Stardust
EM: Centurius (
S: Kristoff Vernard (No Armor)
S: Owlman aka Thomas Wayne Jr (
S: Lady Shiva
S: Merlyn
5pts: Extremis Virus for (Owlman):
3pts: Lab
2pts: Magic Bow (Hank the Archer) for Merlyn (


Seven seems to be a magic number for making up teams, so let's make up some teams!

40 points to spend on teams (must have 7 members):

HE - 16
PM - 8
EM - 4
ME - 2
ST - 1

10 points to spend on extras:

List of opponents names - 1
Detailed wiki-level info - 3
Lab or Sanctum prep - 3 per day
Amalgamate two EM level or below characters - 3
Choose the battlefield - 3
Add one PM level weapon for EM level or below - 5
Add one meta level item for any character - 2
Battlefield Prep - 2 points per hour
15m Team Meet and Great in Neutral Area - 1

-No advantage can raise your character above herald.
-If you amalgamate, you must pick an eight member after the extras draft and still meet the 40 point max.
-If you amalgamate more than once, you MUST end up with SEVEN total players.
-Battlefield choice cannot auto-kill opposing streets or be used to summon help.
-Battlefields are unpopulated in NYC opponents 1 mile (20 blocks) apart.
-Any item must go to someone who is not already experienced using it.
-Characters act in character and are motivated to win. Infighting allowed.
-1 successful bfr attempt with 5 minutes to return.
-Characters have normal equipment.
-Specify versions and try not to use one-offs. Add a link if it's not obvious.
-Normal banned powers - time/reality/power manipulating.

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