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Subj: Royals #5
Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 at 10:03:07 am EDT (Viewed 293 times)

1. Apparently the Kree weren't engineered by the Celestials (unless next issue tells us different). The Kree are engineered by a race called the Progenitors. My problem with that is that of course the Kree were engineered the Celestials...they had Kree Eternals. (that said they never have gotten around to telling us about the Kree Deviants)

2. Apparently the Progenitors used a substance called Primagen (Prima Materia) to mutate the Kree. The Kree later used various imperfect variants of that (Terrigen, Amphogen, Antigen, Isogen, Exogen etc) to mutate other races like humans, Kymellians, Dire Wraiths, Centurians and Badoon etc

3. 5000 years from the Last Inhuman guy (Black Bolt? Ahura?) and Noh-Var are talking about the Progenitors coming back

4. Ronan was a real bitch this issue. Man up buttercup you're supposed to be tough bro not whining about your ex-wife Crystal. That said he's hardly the first guy whose life she's wrecked.