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Subj: Ultimates - is it too much?
Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 at 05:02:22 pm EDT (Viewed 349 times)

I realize this may be an unpopular school of thought, but it just seems the scale is too big to be a good story on Ultimates.

The bad guy is the first universe? Literally a universe. That would later be broken down into the multiverse we all know on the 7th iteration? Then the secret wars Beyonder is nothing. How could even any abstracts be a realistic challenge? If he wants us dead, we are dead. Any human affecting the outcome of this is like if 6 plucky amoebas decided they were going to protect me from being attacked by, i dont know, lets say a rhino. They mean less than nothing to the outcome.

And all the maker has to do is right click, copy and paste to create realities/worlds when they are in that whatever state as Galactus metaphysically kicks in a door? Glad he wasnt using a Mac.

Its just too much. Its one thing to open up your mind, but it needs to be something that has at least an infinitesimal chance of be based in comic reality. But that is just me. Is there anyone else that feels close to the same?