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Subj: The Defenders #2: What's in a name...
Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 at 07:47:39 pm EDT (Viewed 148 times)

Defenders 002 (2017)

(Really) Great art!!!
(Out of nowhere) Blade helps Night Nurse save Cage.
(Curvy & caring) Night Nurse helps Jess find "Diamondback".
(Spider-woman dumping) Urich helps DD find "Diamondback".
(Going legit) Fisk helps Fist find "Diamondback".
(Well done) Big fight vs big bad and thugs.
(Suspiciously superhuman) skidaddling from the scene.
(Uh oh) Defenders gunned down in ambush. (With "PTHFFT" tranqs?)
(Booyah) Last page suprise gunman is Frank.

It sounds simple but it was a real fun read.

(It still seems unlikely at this point but) Forming a team and convincingly/reasonably calling themselves "THE DEFENDERS", of all names, will still be... a challenge to pull off. It looks like DD has pulled off his California costume and gone back to his classic cooler costume.

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