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Subj: Dumb legal questions about Matt.
Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 at 08:32:33 am EDT (Viewed 117 times)

1. Has Matt ever represented one of the criminals he put in jail?

2. If so does Matt see this as a conflict of interest? If he gets his client off he negates the work he did as Daredevil and the criminal is out to terrorize people again. If he loses the case can he say for certain he advocated for his client and didn't subconsciously throw the case by being a lousy lawyer? All things being equal wouldn't his guilty clients just be better off getting someone else as their lawyer?

3. Has Matt ever used his position as a client's lawyer to work against that client's best interests?

4. Has Matt ever intentionally thrown a case to ensure a client gets jail time?

5. Has Matt ever been a prosecutor (like a District Attorney or Assistant District Attorney)?

6. Has Matt ever considered running as a judge?