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Subj: Legends premiere...
Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 at 09:54:36 pm EDT (Viewed 252 times)

Legends is still bad, but at least the premiere sort of acknowledged how bad the show is. The time bureau knows the Legends are a bunch of morons with too much power. A chainsaw as Rip says.

All of the characters are all over the place.

Sara is boring ever since becoming the captain.

Rory is he a psychotic pyromaniac killer or a gruff teddybear.

Dr Stein is he a brillant theoretical physicist or an nutty old professor with the beginnings of dementia.

And is Ray a genius mechanical engineer or a geek that found a supersuit at a comic convention.

Steel is the best written character because he has an excuse for being goofy half the time that he was so sickly all his life that he just studied books his whole life instead of doing things.

And Jax is fine except that he is portrayed as the bravest and most capable when he should be the dumbest and most useless.