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Subj: Deadpool #26: BLORCH!
Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 at 10:03:54 pm EST (Viewed 220 times)

In the immortal words of Howard the Duck:

Deadpool 026 (2017)

And the cover started out so lovely and impressively topical.
But then this ish went and disagreed with me and gets 1 finger out of 5...

\(sick\) Heart in a box.
\(sick\) Heart in a box revolts a master of maiming and massacre.
\(sick\) Heaving visual.
\(sick\) The murderous return of Madcap already.
\(sick\) Vomit coated caramels.
\(sick\) From Hell as IRL reading recommendation.
\(sick\) Dining in public eatery in monkey suit instead of DP suit.
\(sick\) Knife to the jugular.
\(sick\) Knife to the jugular as libation.
\(sick\) Mistakenly kicking a waiter to (near) death.
\(sick\) Madcap's sick and twisted EVIL dominance continues.
\(sick\) Teasing readers that "Rogue is stopping by for an adventure!" but she doesn't appear.
\(sick\) Such a flat and ungiving tease for an ending - if you even wanna call it an ending.


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