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1. No versus threads. For vs threads head to the battle board Comic Battles Board.

2. Mark your SPOILERS when discussing the recent issues, even if your post is a reply to another SPOILER post. And DO NOT put a spoiler in your subjectline! Also make use of the "NT" tag if there's no body to your post.

3. Watch your tone. Criticising a book is one thing, but to do so in a immature manner (IE: "It's Crap!" or such), just won't fly.

4. Likewise, no insults or insulting generalizations about other posters. This includes creators, too. Again, criticising the work is one thing, but if comments start getting personal or insinuating things that aren't necessarily true (Specifically any behaviors or actions) or putting words in their mouths... critique the work, not the person.

5. If a post of yours is deleted, email the moderators. Do not post about it on the board. Those posts will disappear as well. The entire subject of deleted posts and bannings are not to be discussed on the boards.

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