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Subj: ROYALS #5: A chunk of junk...
Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 at 08:20:54 pm CDT (Viewed 148 times)

Royals 005 (2017)

Wow. That was a chunk of junk to process. At face value it's the History of The Kree but in it's own way it's almsot as cosmically encompassing as the cosmic cray cray going on this week, with the Eternity War and alt-Reed Richards, in Ultimates^2#9(also written by Mr.Ewing). The chunk of junk completely made me overlooked the disliked art. Instead, here we have a story reveals that prompted these immediate thoughts...

•Noh should be bearded on the cover!

•Captain Glory. Uhh, who?

•Ronan still Black Vortex charged (still unexplained).

•Micro/Pocket Reality prisons would probably be inescapable by 95% of Earth heroes.

•The recap of the Crystal/Ronan relationship. Remind me what issue Supremor broke up their marriage. What issue did Ronan plant the Supremor Seed.

•The PLEX Noh has interacted withall this time is another Supremor Seed? From his alt-timeline? Uneffected and compatible with the Incursion change to Universe 9?

•KREE-VANN DIRECTIVE: BIG RED applies to this reality from Noh's reality? Seems a bit easy peasy and/or forced coincidence that everything will work out. In fact, Noh Varr promises things will work out better with a New Kree Empire rising. Oy?! Inhumans once again basing Inhumans decisions blindly on his say so. What happened to the seed that should have come into existence when 'our' Supremor died last (in the Black Vortex arc, right?)?

•Crystal choosing country over love. Remind me was that a tragic ending or dumb direction?

•Remind me what the strategy 'our' Supremor devised for Ronan, to save Hala, that he could not execute?

•Crystal punches a Giant Accuser. It was probably an Elemental Lashing Out but it looked silly.

•So, the Kree Empire will be ruled by 'codename': PLEX INTELLIGENCE instead of SUPREME INTELLIGENCE, eh?

•So, FINALLY Noh begins to tell Medusa how this whole rigamaroll quest will save the Inhuman Race. Uhm, remind me exactly HOW the Race is in trouble again? They just quadrupled plus their population with the birth of the NuHumans after their Terrigenisis Terrorism. Readers will get the answer next issue - HOWEVER...

•So, FINALLY the boring future interludes since the premiere ish offer significance. Readers can infer Noh's answer to Medusa with this exposition overload...

···Noh is alive with Maximus, 5000 years from now. Instant spoilers in subsequent stories teasing their demise. *'til the next writer
···The Kree also experimented on Badoon and Kymellians to find a cure for their evolution dormant gene. *!!!Just like the Celestials sort of?
···The Kree affected The White Room and The Moord. *??? Really?
···The Kree made Terrigen, Antigen, and Amphogen. *??? The other two are what?
···Primagen is Prima Materia ie. genetic material that created the The Kree. *??? In every Universe# or just this one?
···The Kree have been trying to recreate Primagen all along?
···The Skyspears are connected to the Race the created The Kree. ???
···NO. MORE. ACCUSERS. ??? Except Ronan might keep the codename?
···The Race that created The Kree and who will probably be in this present story arc is the Gods of Inhumans' Gods, the Galactus sized PROGENITORS! ***???Have the Inhumans ever mentioned their 'gods'?

WHAT DO YOU TAKE FROM ALL THIS? How do you feel about the Kree past and future now?

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