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Subj: TALK ABOUT Inhumans - Once and Future Kings #1 LAST PAGE shock!
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Inhumans - Once and Future Kings #1

-very cool readers can finally put the name DKAMAS to "The Unspoken". Can somebody ask one of the storytellers to post her if the "D" or the "K" is silent?
-for being a secret society that seems a pretty bit and ostentatious carved mountain face not to be noticed.

-hmm... real horses or techorses?
-neat flagstaff designs, might be interesting to find out how much of their society's accoutrements are straight from backissue canon.
-what do we already know of Agon and Rynda's 'tragic' deaths? When will we learn details of Dkamas gaining their throne as interim King and how long ago.

-"MORAL THEORY" is apparently the plot point/topic of debate and Black Bolt is against the interpretted slavery of the Alpha Primitives. And yet it took him 'til that early Byrne issue t free them?
-interesting Royal Family dyanmic set up so far

-OH BROTHER! Another easypeasy method to get Black Bolt to speak normally. Neural Inhibitors scream as loudly as a plot device as every Tom, Dick, and Harry that can whip up Mutant Negator tech to impede an X-men for any given story. And of course, the first thing BB says is the detailed understanding and explanation of the science - which just seems self-serving... is that the right word? If it is that common then why not use it more often for normal conversations? Did we see him talk in his Isolation Chamber (that uses this science) growing up (in backissues)?

-opening volley of civil chaos
-are we to assume that Max is a teen swinging that sword - that grabbed from a fallen guard probably? Wasn't the point of the series to give readers origin details?
-did we know Maximus was his middle name? Argus Magnar Maximus Boltagon.

-decent splash page yell

-Dkamas is one tough cookie. He's called The Living Terrigenisis yet in the last Inhumans series he was tagging along after Max like a Terrigen addict so there's some confusion there to clear up.
-confusing art and weak colors. They just said the enemies are dead from BB's yell yet there's almost all the Alphas are up and no guards are shown.

-so let's see, BB has not mastered his yell. He apparently killed the attackers and some of the king's guard and managed to topple a mountain across the water but still sooo many appear unharmed including Max and Dkamas who must have been in the target area. BAH.
-waitaminnit! Now, we are being told that the Alpha Primitives are HUMANS TRANSFORMED by the SLAVE ENGINE?! Since when?! And these are the same victims of this barbaric science up until that mentioned FF240 issue? Or maybe the population was frozen by BB when he became King? Contrived retcon?!
-Enter: mystery man with earphones which is topical element to move their history along the sliding timescale. It's too bad retcon is necessary for such a long lived species but most likely (and ironically) it must be done to synch up their ages for when they first encountered the FF.

-oh c'mon! They're not going to tell readers WHERE The "Island" of Attilan is located??
-Enter: Kaldec. Is he new?
-Dkamas takes a bath with Terrigen Crystals in it. But what is in his hand?? Terrigen fluid? Jamming tech? Royal McGuffin?

-Meet: Teen Medusa, Royal Snob. Heh.
-Enter: Ambur (sadly unnamed) mother of Medusa.
-Crystal is familiar with cows.

-oh, okay, Max is confirming BB didn't KILL anyone with his untrained yell. Well... that's good. Guess he surgically knocked them all out just long enough to rouse the surviving guards to reestablish order... while simultaneously leveling a mountain with that force?
-BB attends the Alpha's vigil for the dead. Hmm... are we sure these are the same mindless drones from FF 240?

-the mystery man has a name! ELISHA! Guess by the coloring he supposed to look 'less' transformed from the Slave Engine or maybe evolved 'more' after becoming and Alpha Primitive?
-hmm... heck that WAS a pretty good as far as assassination plans go... and as for the interim King's plan to throw the heir apparent under the bus, that ain't bad either

-hilarious comeback line delivered by Medusa

-Dkamas and Medusa talk "Moral Theory" this time. Guess they're trying to build the drama against that social debate with wanting success
-Kaldec position is called SEEKER. Wasn't their a Seeker in some Inhuman backissue too? It must have been this sleazeball's successor cuz there's no way he'd still be around after groping Medusa's butt like that.

-perfect comeuppance delivered by Medusa

-Enter: Lockjaw AS A PUPPY!!!! AWWW... SO CUTE. Of course, it all the Lockjaw theories of 1/2 fandom thinking he was human is nearly debunked with this retcon. Not to mention a lot of processing of "this fact" has to still be done to comment on the credibility of this retcon.

-OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about retcons! Talk about retcontamination! Talk about sliding timescales! Talk about first encounters with Western Civilazation by the Royals! Seriously! This MB should be talking about this LAST PAGE SHOCK! Not to mention the surprise that the story is only 18 and not 20 pages! Whattarip.

Note: The next issue will speak volumes louder than Black Bolt's voice when a (relative) date reference indicator is revealed! WHEN WAS THAT TIMES SQUARE JUMBOTRON FIRST USED? 1993ish

-backup cartoon props to the FF in that Lockjaw appears with The Thing in a 2 panel gag stretched out to 2 pages.

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