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Subj: So if Marvel brings the FF back....then what?
Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 at 12:19:48 am EDT (Viewed 218 times)

MTIO is coming back and we've seen Valeria and Franklin in the Legacy one-shot, and an Alex Ross picture of Reed and Sue circulated for a bit. While it looks like Marvel may be gearing up to bring the FF back my concern is: then what?

The FF's absence has been compared to Thor's sabbatical several years back. When the character returned he had a new status quo and there were several changes made both to him and the supporting cast. While over time a lot of these changes didn't last, the book and character were revived successfully.

I really don't have a lot of excitement about a FF return if we wind up with the same old FF prior to the book's cancellation. Johnny and Ben fighting, Ben losing fights, Johnny's maturity merry-go-round, Sue breaking up fights and being a frustrated team mom, Reed lost in the lab and keeping secrets--this has all been done before and if it's what fans get when they return sales will most likely spike and in short order drop steadily until once again cancellation looms.

I know a lot of fans think that it's the book's consistency that is one of the things that makes it special but unless the FF tries to break new ground I think any potential return will be much ado about nothing.

What type of changes would you implement? I have some ideas of my own floating around in my head.

Of course I still think that the whole question of a FF return is practically moot anyway because I can't see Marvel committing to a book and concept while the movie rights issue is still a big deal to upper level Marvel execs.