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My first exposure to the character came during Geoff John's (First.) run on the book, and in that great origin issue/one-shot that he did for Cold. You can tell that John's really liked the character, I remember reading John's saying that he was his favorite villain. So, I am a fan, but in that issue Cold reflects on his life, and he remembers a time when he and the Flash used to work together. Cold and the Rogues retired from crime at one point, I believe, and this sounds very interesting. So when was Cold a bounty hunter and when did he work with Wally? The two of them seemed to be-not quite enemies during the John's run. I'm not sure what the new 52/Rebirth did to him or his origin. Can anyone point me to issues where Cold worked as a bounty hunter? Were they good stories? Thank You.

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I may be completely wrong on this and Geoff Johns had some other idea in mind, but Captain Cold and (most of) his Rogues did turn legitimate after the death of Barry Allen with Cold starting his own business with sister Lisa as partner.
He didn't appear much in Wally's run on The Flash but issue #27 and 28 are two very fine issues of a storyline that sees a traumatised and recovering Wally facing off against the hired help of Captain Cold and The golden Glider, there's a neat irony in the story as on the face of it this is a traditional Flash versus the Rogues, but in fact Captain Cold is operating here on licence and perfectly within the legal requirement to stop and apprehend an unidentified superhuman threat. \(yes\)

The underappreciated William Messner-Loebs was responsible for this turn in Captain Cold's carrer path:

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