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Subj: Do You Think That Betty Should Have Come Back, Or That She Should Have Stayed Dead?
Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 at 07:59:50 pm EDT (Viewed 192 times)

I haven't really read the issue where she died, but I'm not sure if bringing her back was really necessary. She's a human character, and characters like that usually stay dead (Think of Gwen Stacy, Karen Page, etc.), so I say that she should have stayed dead. And didn't they turn her into Harpy or the Red She-Hulk after that? I also think that her coming back kind of diminishes the relationship and enmity between Bruce and Emil (The Abomination.). And Ross and Emil too, for that matter. The "Dear Betty." storyline in Hulk #24-#25 is the perfect example of the two truly having an arch-enemy relationship. Does anyone know if PAD intended for The Abomination to be her killer? I heard as much, but I'm not sure what he had planned. It certainly gave Emil a step-up. So, I would say that she should not have come back, but it seems that a lot of people weren't too happy with her dying the first place.