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Subj: Totally Awesome Hulk #23: Junk in the trunk...
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 at 04:50:03 am EDT (Viewed 294 times)

Totally Awesome Hulk 023

Well. That plot twist was... not sure what adjective most accurately denotes my disappointment. The "HULK" trapped in Chulk's mindscape car is not Banner afterall. Banner, in fact, HAS BEEN dead and NOT APPEARING in this title all along. Sigh. In spite of the potential clues/misdirects of Hand-zombie Hulk in Uncanny Avengers, ghost spirit Banner in Jen's Hulk, and the disgusting confusion of maybe-maybe-not death of maybe-maybe-not alt-Hulk in S.E., it was my hope that (at least a sliver) of true Bruce's Hulk persona/soul was the 'junk in that psi-trunk'. Turns out it was just Cho's better managed anger all along... *koff*

The art was good! The Protectors revisited and NOT just a one arc gimmick was good! The choice guest appearance/assistance of T'Challa was good! The homage cover (to 112 homaging 34 homaging A1) was good (except for including the ABSENT Kegger).

Besides the trunk reveal, the advanced stress test on the surface area of the moon was disappointing(read:ridiculous) for the reason of not specifying it at least was staged in the breathable Blue Area. What were they thinking? If Cho hulked out of his spacesuit that it was intended he suffocate?

Also, c'mon Marvel! S.E. is 'long over' now. Is there a SHIELD - OR NOT?! Some books suggest: no, some: it was closed down and USA replaced the international with their own national copy of the organization. Always with the copying names. Sheesh. When they CASUALLY namestamped Jake Oh as Agent of SHIELD it was so maddening. It makes sense that HYDRA compromised SHIELD should be disbanded or better hyped under suspended scrutiny/review at the very least.

Finally, shooting Hulk into space (again) and blurbing he's headed to Planet Hulk (again) just screams gimmick grab for sales instead of smart organic backup plan at this point. The Warbound will be bummed about this, too, that they didn't catch a ride. ;\)

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