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Subj: Just saw the movie! Fantastic! (Spoilers)
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I just saw the movie today and think it was one of Marvel's best. It was packed with action and great humor and visually was one of the most impressive movies I've seen. The art design and color palette was fantastic and stunning and it looked like something right out of Jack Kirby's pages. I was excited about this after watching the featurette with Dan Hennah, the production designer. It was almost as if they hade made Jack Kirby the art director for this movie.

There was great humor and for the most part I thought it was excellently timed and placed except for maybe one joke by Korg near the end of the movie. Each character had their funny momments and Jeff Goldblum was just funny being himself in the Grandmaster role.

The cameo sequence with Dr. Strange was fantastic and really showcased how much he had developed as the master of the mystic arts. One could only hope for a Defenders movie now featuring him, the Hulk, Valkyrie, and introducing Namor. That is probably to much to hope for though with Marvel's movie slate as full as it is.

Thor's arrival on Sakar and introduction to Valkyrie was teriffic. If she is used properly, she could be a great addition to the movie universe.

The action sequences were fantastic and Thor's opening fight sequence in Muspelheim really showcased his abilities. The Thor and Hulk battle was epic and showcased their abilites. It reminded me of the Hulk Annual in 2001, where Hulk was the stronger and Thor the more powerful. The fight was to short but each deliverd some great attacks against the other and the ending was cut short to leave the outcome in doubt. Classic Marvel.

The after fight sequences between the Hulk and Thor were fantastic and we get a great 70's/80's Hulk and unusual bond between the two Avengers. Even though the Hulk is very much like a five year old, there is a certain understanding and appreciation of each other that comes through. It's almost like the Hulk has found a friend/playmate that actually understands him. Even through their bickering you can see there is a buddy factor at play. The Thor/Banner stuff is just as epic and it's funny how Thor played up to each of them in different ways. It's great how their team Hulk/Thor/Valkyrie, the Revengers come together.

The escape from Sakar gaves us a great Thor/Loki relationship momment that epitomized it's dynamic. There were bits of it earlier in the movie when Thor first returned to Asgard and when Odin departed. Also, they had a nice bit when Loki visited him in the gladiator cells and then again in the final sequence. All together it paints a picture of a brother relationship of real love but torn by two very different moral compasses and their very unique godly natures.

The final fight scenes were awesome with Hela and Thor battling it out and Thor unlocking his godly power. The use of the Led Zeplin Immigrants song there and Thor's initial fight against Surtur in Muspelheim couldn't help but get you psyched to the action. There is a scene where Thor is leaping down from the heights of Asgard to the song fully armored and crackling with lightning into a mass of undead warriors. It's one of the coolest scenes in the movie. The Hulk batltles Fenris, a giant wolf of Norse legend in a epic struggle. His re-emergence as Hulk from banner was funny and made fun of the first Hulk movie a little. It's cool, because it indicates his condition may make him beyond death even in Banner form. The Valkyrie, Skurge, and Loki had teriffic fight sequences of their own. After the Hulk dispatches Fenris we get to see him take on a mountain sized Surtur and actually knock his head to the side. He gets tossed all the way back to the heroes and Thor has to get him to stand down and he looks sad and says, "But Big Monster", as he points to Surtur. Another classic throwback kind of scene from the 70's/80's Hulk or Defenders to show how strong and durable he is.

That was all the good but there are a few things I would have like to have seen handled differently. I thought the destruction of Asgard was diminished a bit by a joke that was unnecessary. It was a place millions of years old and had been the home of Norse Gods for eons and the momment required a little more reverennce. I think there were some places that a little exposition would have more fully explored some story elements. We get a little of Hela's backstory and relationship to Odin and Asgard but it's still fairly thin. A look at Niffleheim and Hel would have been nice and what Hela was acutally doing as Goddess of Death since Odin banished her could have given more dpeth to her chracter. I wanted a little more meat in the scene with Odin's passing and the arrival of Hela would have been a nice addition. Anybody who has lost a loved one knows the anguish involved and mortals usually measure their time together in years or decades. Thor had lost of father of seceral Eons? and it would have been nice if the momment could have formented a little more with Thor's reaction. The Valkyrie's backstory and her order's lore felt a little rushed and it would have been nice to have had a flashback of them interacting with Odin and him giving them orders. And finally how did the Valkyrie meet the Hulk, how did she bring him to the Grandmaster. Thor and Banner had been in powerful relationships and they were basically dismissed with a quip and a statement. We were all forced to watch two movies with Natalie Portman/Jane Foster and it was brushed off with a one line joke. The same with Banner, after he asks about Natasha and is informed he has been gone two years, he asked nothing more. The Hulk/Valkyrie dynamic was little explored as well. There was obviously more to the relationship than the little they showed and there seemed to be great comradrie between her and the Hulk.

So all in all it was an awesome movie with great action and stunning visuals, off the charts humor but some heartfelt beats as well. My only complaint is that it could have used 20-30 minutes more split between the Thor/Hulk fight, exposition, and fleshing out the conclusion of some previous relationship story arcs.

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