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Subj: Iron Man 10 AKA Duck Soup review
Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 at 06:57:40 pm EDT (Viewed 201 times)

It was funny and charming. Riri is finally doing something to help people. Kind of reminded me of various movies where someone becomes dictator like "Duck Soup" and "Moon Over Parador".

I liked it, but I can nonetheless understand why some wouldn't. It's a very cute story, but also very toothless. It's clearly intended to be just a straight-up humor comic.

I expected this book to be basically a fusion of Iron Man and Buffy. There would be humor, but there would also be pain and grief and dealing with teenage issues in a raw way. Buffy and Hunger Games stuff, in other words.

It's none of those. This is purely a light comedy book. It can be very charming at times, but also leaves one forever waiting for something dark in a Buffyish way to happen.

On a side-note, I found this really cool picture online. The Mandarin doll was constructed out of parts of other dolls, including Iron Fist, Zemo, Ripclaw and Morbius. Very cool looking. (Also, I like that Iron Man is helpless at The Mandarin's feet, where he belongs! ;-p )

Yesss, stomp on him! Kick him in the ribs! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!