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I'm just wondering how many times this has been done. Of course there was the original Demon In A Bottle, then the O'Neill run with Tony's TRUE arch-foe Obadiah Stane. And it happened during the Fraction run. Didn't he drink during Avenger's Disassembled? Or was that just an illusion created by Wanda? That's either 3 or 4 times.

In regards to AA, I remember reading a Marvel Comics Presents (The first series with The Wolverine stories and Weapon X.) backup story that had Tony attending an AA meeting. I'm sure that there have been other times, does anyone know of any? Thanks.

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He was in AA before moving out west in the O'Neil era, this was before he finished the proto-armor he wore to fight Rhodey.

During Disassembled he was affected by Wanda's power so that doesn't really count against him.

During the "superior" era before Marvel's Secret Bore/Crisis/Convergence he used Extremis to heal and augment himself and was boozing it up with what appeared to be minimal problems, presumably Extremis altered him to metabolize/purge the effects quicker.

During the Vol era he did sponsor Carol Danvers into AA

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...and the AA appearances alongside Anthem, an underappreciated player in The Order.

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