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Subj: Frank's new place in Marvel: Is he finally gaining the popularity he deserves?
Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 05:54:57 pm EDT (Viewed 347 times)

Comments on the board I saw addressed Frank so easily overwhelming Tony and stealing his suit:

They actually explained it fairly well. Tony even complimented in the ingenuity of it. I am LOVING this. This really shows that Frank Castle=Marvel's Batman in many ways. I know many people say Cap/T'Challa are. But I think Frank is just as smart as Bruce Wayne, and after the bloodstone regeneration he's now got 55+ years of experience in the physically perfect body of a Jason Bourne-Meets-Rambo-meets-James Bond+Charles Bronson's Death Wish x10 skillset. This is the guy who is so respected in certain circles that marvel ahs allowed him to be one of the few survivors of several apocalypses and the cause of two.

This is continuity proof that he is an Avengers-level foe and his biggest problem is he doesn't have super-villains like this to take on. He could be as popular as Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine. I wouldn't begrudge him getting a Nick Fury-styled upgrade where he doesn't age normally, or a partial super-soldier upgrade, maybe by a fan of his that works in SHIELD that captures him and gives him an Infinity/SS crossover, it mixes with the latent Bloodstone particles that are in his body and throughout his blood, in his DNA. It doesn't make him Wolverine, or Captain America, but it makes him capable of fighting his war for a long, long time. Frank of course nearly kills the man for doing it but is stopped.

Right now he found a place in Thunderbolts, and I'm loving it. Him with Elektra? Awesome. Him with Red Hulk? Awesome, I Wish it was Gravage Hulk, the current Hulk and hopefully the Hulk we come to see in the movies--But we saw him in a crossover with that Hulk who gave Frank a huge amount of respect in "Stay Angry" they relate to each other. So does Thunderbolt Ross, both are soldiers, both are suffering disillusionment from their previous ways of living. Both have had to face off against half of the superhero community. Both have been given a second change.

Plus, Elektra being the only other full-human (though quasi-mystical and capable of fighting on the same level as people like Captain America) Frank is considered a tacitcal genius, he is introduced as the person seconded only to Ross. It may not be the case but he is showcased as #2, which is awesome. He is kind of like Black Widow, Steve Rogers, Spidey, or Daredevil, often outmatched by their peers but often considered the deadliest among them.

Looking into Thunderbolts, his skull becomes red for a fairly silly reason (Red Gamma radiation? Alright, that's cool) but he gains a suit of armor that appears to be as tough as perhaps a lower-level Iron Man breastplate, which is sure saying something. I feel Frank needs a suit or a slight upgrade, nothing like Angel or Franken-Punisher, but something that would allow him to really go rounds with Red Hulk, if need be. Right now he can do rounds with anyone and it's his limitations (and how he pushes himself beyond them constantly ) that are awesome.

But I feel PunisherMAX did something that no other writer-Including Ennis-Did, which was show Frank had injuries adding up (something I want to see more of in Batman, who I'd like to see being placed in his 40s in the next decade instead of yet another reboot, he was there in Batman Inc pre 2010 but alas...I digress. Frank belongs being tied to Vietnam but he shouldn't always have those sensibilities (like how Fury has evolved with time). I'd like to see a Frank that is a bit more...enigmatic, a guy who might be 10-15 steps ahead of most of his peers, always looking at some angle, joining the Thunderbolts was largely out of character for him, but he saw the purpose behind it. He is finding a place there. I Hope he doesn't do the "Wildcard" thing to the point he winds up kicked out or hunted by them within 3 years...which always seems to happen to one of these guys \:P

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