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Subj: Question About The Punisher And His "Death" In The 90s. His Going To The Electric Chair. What Was That About? And Him Killing Nick Fury
Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 10:03:31 am EST (Viewed 683 times)

I never read this storyline, but I know that people hated it. I'm pretty sure that it was part of that whole Over The Edge crossover/event that Marvel had in the 90s. But Frank actually died for good. He was sent to the electric chair. What exactly was the storyline behind that? Didn't he also kill Nick Fury as well (Who obviously got better.)? This all sounds really weird. I also want to read the Countdown storyline, because I know that Bullseye and Frank had a few encounters then. How did that go down? Did Bullseye kill anyone during that arc? I read that he killed someone who was running around as the Punisher at the time. Thanks.