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It's an old storyline from the 90s, so I'm pretty sure that no spoilers are needed. I read the majority of this. I was only really interested in this because Bullseye and the Kingpin were in it. The writing was okay, it was a bit confusing. The art- not so much. It was all 90s storytelling. But I never got the last issue (What issue is that? I can actually order it.). Here's my question: Everything gets set in Punisher #104. The Kingpin encounters Frank and gives him a bunch of information on some gangsters that Frank can kill. Frank says that he'll do it, but then he's coming after the Kingpin when he gets done. Did he ever manage to go after him? What happened with Bullseye? The guy who's armor he got (I believe his name was Phalanx. ), when that character died, how did Bullseye get a hold of it? Did I just completely miss that? Was this done off-panel? Was the Kingpin in the conclusion? What role did Bullseye play? What happened with the innocent family that Frank killed? Were the other Punisher's seen or mentioned again? Thanks.

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If I recall, Frank ultimately hands himself in to the authorities because of the guilt he felt for killing the innocent family (he didnt actually kill them by the way, it was a set up!). He is sent to the electric chair and apparantly killed, however this was also a fake-out. Frank then joins a powerful crime family in order to police them from inside, and this is essentially where we pick up Punisher volume 2.

Volume 2 wasnt popular with Punisher fans due to the fact that Frank working *with* a criminal organisation for the long term is contrary to pretty much every moral he holds.

As for the other Punishers. Lynne Michaels was seen again sometime later in War Journal Volume 2 as a SHIELD agent. Payback was last referred to in Civil War as a potential recruit, 'Hitman' Jimmy Pierce (the mob Punisher) was last seen running off into the night, the Yuppie-Punisher was killed, the 'idiot' Punisher was killed on his first mission when he slipped, Outlaw (The British Punisher) was last show as still active in Punisher annual #7, and Carlos Cruz (the official replacement Punisher) was killed by the mercenary Stone Cold.

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