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So, I figure with the Punisher show about to drop, I'm kind of wondering where everyone is with this series? Especially after this trailer over the weekend.

Daredevil Season 2s MVP was Frank, Jon really surprised a lot of us, and he brought that humanity and rage missing from the other depictions. He doesn't have the size of someone like Dolph or Ray, but he had the physicality to pull off something like that Rikers slaughter.

The trailer caught me off guard using Metallicas "One", because the 16 year old me in my head from 1991 was going "F Yes!!!", but aside from matching the story to the music beats, I found it to just pull me in more than the other material I've seen. The Rollins not being a Tony Stark clone is forgivable, but I hope the personality from the jerk in the comics is there. Being a fan of Westworld, it's gonna be interesting silly this Billy Russo develop. Hey, cannot be worse than the painfully stereotypical mobster depiction he was in War Zone.

I hope this is a hit, because there is a lot of good material from the books that would be great live action. I like Jon, and if this show has the tone they showed in the trailer, it may be Marvel Netflix biggest show yet.

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So far Marvel Netflix has been quite good with Iron Fist being the one that stands out as needing the most overhaul.

Defenders basically wrapped loose ends of Daredevil and Iron Fist and left the door open for more.

Also, though Netflix hasn't signed off on it, 2000AD magazine in the UK is getting a Judge Dredd RV into development, Karl urban wants to return to the role, but hasn't signed yet. Hoping both Urban and Netflix sign up for it.

As much story as there is for the Punisher, imagine a Judge Dredd TV series.

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