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Subj: Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5...
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Civil War II - Choosing Sides 005 (2016)

While it's great to have (at least part of) the original Alpha Flight featured again - not to mention catch up on the long-neglected status of Colleen Wing, this whole issue was very... unsatisfying. \:\(

• If you're going to put in an Easter Egg, put in the whole shell. One can assume the cinema is playing (the topically connected) MINORITY REPORT.
• Presuming Piledriver has no outstanding warrants for him (and that's an annoying stretch) has these Predictive Judgement Arrests gotten so bad as to apprehend the "innocent" future victim along with his son, Excavator?
• So, this means TWO members of Wrecking Crew have kids, eh?
• Uh, remind me when Aurora used CALMIING LIGHT power first or last?
• Obviously, Alpha Flight beat Piledriver but it would've been nice to see him outclassed rather than him breaking Saquatch's hold and getting in the last televised punch in
• It's Prime JT said about CWII felt right!
• It was odd that JT distress over hearing of the 3 heroes "legally" take down criminal on USA soil considering they answer to Carol in the AFSS since Day 1.
• They essentially confirm that it is (only the) 3 official Canadian Alpha Flight members, on the AFSS, working for the Alpha Flight Space Program. Unfortunately and frustratingly the connection with the name (or SWORD) is not clarified and justified to my satisfaction. It's still hard to accept/process Earth part of the Intergalactic Cooperative and further than the international Board of Governors representing Earth was agreeably formed given the realworld parallels Marvel seems to try to adhere to. Is it equal in power and purview to SHIELD? Why are all the other governments getting on USA's back about Ulysses management if it's an international organization making the decisions? Is the AFSS a part of Triskelion or vice versa? Let's have more exposition on this "Boss of Space" position that Carol got too. Argh.
• French-A la prochaine ; English-See you ?
• Mixed feelings, pros and cons, about JT's bromance with Tony Stark.
• That retcon of a long time weekly sparring match is just silliness.
• It feels right that Canada is on Iron Man's lesser of 2 evils side.
• Aurora's tear was out of left field. It couldn't have been jealousy when JT gave Tony the hug, right, so was it that she heard (thru the glass) that JT is against Carol and this is morally upsetting to her? Odd.

• Can't get enough Misty Knight since she joined Cap's book! But - WHY would SHIED hire a freelance operator like Misty to do more arresting? Seems like cheap facetime plot device.
• HATE Man-Thing as part of any team - including STAKE.
• HATE Zombie Sitwell able to drive a van.
• Huntstalker, who? Marvunapp and MarvelWikia searches failed me. Curious guy with potentially precident powers of tracking that could be a problem from writer to writer.
• So, it's clear that the governing board of SHIELD works together with the AFSS Board of Governors and with Ultimates(at least up to Suitcase Incident).
• Hoorah! Colleen's back! Misty's remorseful comment that "THINGS GOT COMPLICATED"??! Is this an 8 MONTH GAP untold story or something we seen before Incursion? Wasn't she safeguarding some dinos or monkeys when last seen?
• So, Man-Thing jobs, Colleen yoinks new guy, Jasper parallel parks, Misty goes against the law. Dum Dum LMD's are still being cranked out. Huh. Not sure what to say... but it would have meant a lot more if this wasn't a one shot story with no promised or solicited followup.

• Still not that interesting and still not over.
• All for the oft-used wordplay resolution of using one name but misdirecting audience that another has the same name. Not particularly clever this time because of all the il/logic baggage of yet another Nick Fury LMD is operational.
• Just when Kobik is sort of redemption for Maria Hill this implies she assigned Jr. to a suicide mission to save SHIELD which is reprehensible because she did not tell him.
• This also infers that The Unseen and Bucky Man-on-The-Wall Barnes are both good or oblivious to Original Sin techlones of Fury still active. Isn't endless techgenerations of Dum Dum enough of a mess to process:?
• Notify CBMB tha Fury Jr. vs Fury LMD (apparently) has a winner.

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