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Subj: Secret Empire #10: Terrible CONCLUSION exposition...
Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 at 12:45:23 pm EDT (Viewed 339 times)

If you read it, these early 0-Day blurbs (with my replies to them) from fourchan will make sense...

Secret Empire 010 (2017)

> Oh wait, there will be an Omega issue two weeks from now...

> Super Mega Ultra Cosmic Nazi Armor Steve
Stupid Selective Salvation Gimmick Plot Device

> I don't hate this costume but boy do I hate this event
Why yellow?

> If you read this, close this page and never come back. This is the worst ending of a "Event", &^%$, even CWII was fucking good against that.
Two wrongs don't make a right.

> spiderman out of nowhere for the final issue of the event
Not defending the sequencing but he prob flew in after fighting Ock in his book.

> I think that Slott told Spencer not to use Spider-Man until now because Slott was doing his own tie-in to the event that he didn't want to spoil.
More incongruity in the ranks that was The Bullpen summit? Sigh.

> So what happened to all the hydra agents that murdered and replaced regular citizens all over the country and begun indoctrinating children?
Quick answer: TERRIBLE conclusion exposition. Marvel most likely answer: See S.E.Omega issue.

> That third panel pretty much sums up the way Marvel feels about fans telling them the new books suck.

>>Spidey Timeline
> True, but it still creates timeline problems. The main event is implied to have taken place over several months, and the ASM tie ins were over a day or two at most
TERRIBLE conclusion exposition.

> what does Omega issue mean? some kind of "consequences of secret empire", how the characters deal with going back to normalcy?
If CURIOUS fans are lucky.

> Will the Omega issue tie up the loose end of who the new Kraken is?
TERRIBLE conclusion exposition. If CURIOUS fans are lucky.

> Why is stark an a.i and who the hell is The mcalisters?
Brian was supposedly a key barfer in this Event that got waaaaaaay too much facetime in this conclusion along with his throwaway brother.

> It's kind of weird they didn't make an issue called Alpha.

> No Reed in the F4. Maaan.

> Old man logan has really aged down lately,he looks younger than our wolverine did,maybe its just than Mcniven is drawing him so differently from how he used to but still
Ugh. He should not be the poster child for the true 616 timeline he is not even from!

> So who is not a member of the Avengers nowadays?
Yeah, that AVENGERS ASSEMBLE double splash means nothing at this point.

> Tony's back as a hologram? What?
Unresolved dangler from last issue.

>>Cap wipes out heroes.
> Really? That simple? Like, Red Skull must have really sucked with that thing.

>xavier and magneto holding hands
Oooh brother.

> Who is that replacing Lincoln?
Looked like Isaac Newton or maybe Kraken's real face.

> Oh &^%$, Sam wimped out of being Cap when this whole thing started. Sam is not worth that big save.
Meh. Symbology. His team up with Lang Barnes was unconvincing too.

> This narration text is awful.
Part of the TERRIBLE conclusion exposition.

> "Omega" is another word for Epilogue as it applies to Marvel events. Usually they'll do an "Alpha" and "Omega" issue or a "#0" and "Epilogue" issue. This time they did a #0 and Omega, hence the weirdness, but still. Same idea. Prologue and Epilogue.

> Who is even supposed to be narrating anyway?
Guess we guess.

>>We thought we won
>>But then something happened
>>Then we lost
>>But not all is lost
>>And we may win again
>Give me a &^%$ing job Marvel.

>>Anonymous 08/30/17(Wed)10:38:20 No.94996771?
>>Who is even supposed to be narrating anyway?
> Morgan Freeman

>>newspapers page
> I'm 100% going to get told to "hurrdurr go back to /pol/" for this, but I feel it's a bad sign when the Nazi "worst ending" universe hinted at in this page unironically looks far more interesting, appealing and readable than anything Marvel is actually producing right now.
Looked run of the mill What If to me.

> Why does Winter Soldier have the MCU mask when MCU Winter Soldier no longer uses that mask?

> If Sam had done anything since taking the title, I would be hyped for this moment.

> if we get like really small we can reach a different plane of reality where the memories of a cosmic cube reside and operate
Bucky's 'Pym Particle plan' was as illogical/ridiculous as Raz's ignored time machine one.

> If it wasnt for puke up cosmic cubes inhuman, Cap would have won.

> Kobik just regrets what she did with no real reason as to
Appropriate sarcasm detected. Cool.

> Was Scott about to say The Micronauts?

> I hate SYNERGYBUCKY even more because his look is so *&^%ing out of date already

> What's stopping barf from puking out an entire cube NOW?

> it would be worth it if only so see Peter Parker having to train his Spider-powers under Zola-sensei
Uuuh... no.

> You know, it's kind of hard to get invested in Ant-Man's plight when we haven't seen Cassie this entire event.
Good point!

> I feel like at the end of the day, Marvel is going to try and pretend that they didn't stain the legacy of Capt. America with this.
But Kobik... curiously... contentiously?... left scars of the altered history.

> Spencer said it was a too hard for him to do reality bending things in its entirety. Which is why he only puked a fragment. Then again we have super McGuffin man now who can literally puke up anything that will fix any plot now... Thanks Spencer.

> I swear, he's doing that Iron Man pose from the movie posters. You know, that 'punch that ground' one.
And there was good Cap punching the shield of evil Cap pose as homage from Civil War I and II and the movie. Pretentiousness.

> I thought Spencer said no cube shenanigans?
Ha. Well at least we finally have an explanation for all the Generations Specials waste of paper.

> I have never seen thor fight facists outside this event.
Not sure what you mean but it is... curious... that we see that Madame HYDRA (Elisa?) had apparently changed Mjolnir's enchantment before Stevil raised it up in #0.

> Who died, again?
It is unclear ATM. It is also CRAZY that Natasha may stay dead considering Bucky was probably the closest friend to Kobik and 'one of the scars' she leaves would be his GF's death.

>>I thought Spencer said no cube shenanigans?
> He said on Twitter the other day that he still stands by that statement.

> This event is like drinking down the entire contents of Buckley's syrup. Nasty as all get out but it had to be done.

> You do realize that this is how Cap defeated the Red Skull the first time he got the Cosmic Cube, right? Steve went even further by begging for his life and saying he'll be Skull's slave for life.

> Bucky, Black Widow, Jack Flag, all of Las Vegas, Coulson, Preston...

> The one thing left from this event that I wanted to see was a HydraCap fight. Couldn't even give us that

> HydraCap charged at NormalCap, NormalCap pulled a Judo move and rolled onto his back while leveraging HydraCap over him with his foot, sending him careening

> guess Kamala had nothing better to do
Arbitrary cameo much? ;\)

> Kamala's probably written a fanfic about this, it's better than the event

>>Coulson, Preston
> I thought the Deadpool Secret Empire arc isn't over yet. There could be a twist somewhere
TERRIBLE conclusion exposition.

>>Kobik restores the world
> Cap is two people because...reasons??????

> Well, he might be correct if the events like washington being all chewed up remain in place. Wasn't Vegas nuked?
> Kinda like how Kang took over the planet that one time ,destroyed Washington... that event wasn't reset, it was simply never referenced again.
> So technically the goings-on *aren't* being reset by the cosmic cube, they'll just be deliberately ignored.
> Meanwhile, the people saying that its just another event that'll have no lasting impact were right themselves, just the cause of the lack of impact isn't what they expected it to be. And lets face it, when dealing with cosmic cube stories, if reality *doesnt* get changed then someone wasn't using the cube right.

> So what exactly was Elsa? Was she also created by Kobik?

> Infinity Gauntlet AND a Civil War reference!?! What will they think of next?
Yeah, that seemed a bit self-backpatting.

> If Kobik restored the world, why didn't she just restore Cap as well?

> Kobik restored everything and I still didn't get if she restored the Secret Empire #9 situation minus Hydra Cap which means including at least some of the HUGE retcons to the whole personal history of Steve like Elsa, Zemo, the Skull, etc.
TERRIBLE conclusion exposition.

> Kobik created the Hydraverse. Elisa was a native to Hydra-Earth, so yeah, Kobik created her.

> This conclusion sucks.

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