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Subj: Secret Warriors #6: Could've been nicer...
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Secret Warriors 006

Some PBP, scene by scene observations actually, for you to compare if you read it too...

The cover tease is a BIG FAT LIE. Bah!

We get a title page, a recap page, and not 1 but TWO letter pages. On top of standard 20 page story. Yay! WHY CAN'T ALL THE MARVEL BOOKS give us this number bonus pages every month??!!

Really appreciate the timestamp pacing.

Daisy is a like frikkin ninja h(a)unting that (ex?) HYDRA goon. At least there's a bit of followup to S.E. More aftermath details as they relate to the team would've been nice. And Daisy swearing a retributive death threat on the 'alleged' death of Phil and basing her premediated illegal intention on the say so of some goon under duress was a bit tough to swallow.

Ahura is moving up the mover and shaker ladder of CEO's (now the P.I. is done, eh). Curious mystery of Karnak coming to him for a job. Was the "4-D" TV thing an example of his power to detect weaknesses in the geoglobal business network or the fact that it's a "4-D ?!" TV or something else. AND nb. So many Marvel books have intergalactic phone call a common thing and yet they both don't know of the sitch with the Royals or the imprisonment of BB? Huh.

Daisy is on a mission! Giving the introduced throwaway middleman A NAME would've been nice.

Ahura has second thoughts about Karnak! Potentially interesting new dynamic developing. A mention or comparison to Leer by him or Karnak in this issue would've been nice.

Taskmaster. Frig. He does mention his HYDRAvengers gig (although more deets would've been nice) - so that's good and does it also mean this is before the Spider-mEn mini series out since not mention is included? Naked Dugan LMD still works with his honkin' huge sword thru the chest. A bit of a skewed showing, IMO, for the sake of a visual gag. Two of the fight panels against Daisy were needlessly confusing choreography. Interesting way to bring him into the story. AND nb. Daisy refers to SHIELD in the past tense which is good because AFAIK the organization is officially defunct after S.E. but all the Marvel books seemed to have frustratingly blurred this fact.

Lunella is still a crabby pain in the butt.

Dark Beast. Frig. Why can't he just die permanently? Well, he does seem to have continuity with previous issues so that's something. His babynapping Dante's sister's kid sets up his mystery agenda. Any guesses? Inferno is no match 5 or 6 or 7 bio-enhanced goons but he is NOT taken along as prisoner too. Seemes sloppy supervillain loose end.

Bullseye?! Really? Frig. That's just plain offputting Revolving Door appearance there. To his credit he does prove to 'be the man' to be the one to deliver 'the goods' which in this case is Deadpool all ready for next issue. STILL, he must be on the FBI Most Wanted List just like Wade is - c'mon Daisy are you gonna let him go like you probably did Tasky?! nb. Good continuity with DP's title which has him 'on the run' and does it also mean this is before the next issue of Defenders where he's slated to appear?

All in all a solid installment with serviceable-at-best art. It's hard to imagine The Bullpen does not intend this to be a team book but it was logically refreshing how they all went their separate ways after last issue. This series might actually work with interlocking stories on a roll call set of secret NuHuman warriors against evil not strictly associated with the Inhumans of Attilan.

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