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Subj: Does Anyone Know What's Going On With Marvelman/Miracleman And If Marvel Is FINALLY Going To Do Something With Him? Also, Whatever Happened To
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 09:24:10 pm EDT (Viewed 135 times)

Spoilers, just in case. A few years ago (Or more.), Marvel secured the rights to Miraclemn (Or is he called Marvelman?), a series which I never read, but I always wanted to because of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. My question is, has Marvel actually done anything with the character? I thought that they had plans for him, but to my knowledge, they haven't done anything with him. Can I get the Moore or The Gaiman issues in trade? Are they as good as their reputation? Do they still hold up? It seems like Marvel has just forgotten about the character, and I really want to read about him.

Also, have we seen Moondragon since Secret Wars? How about Adam Warlock? I know that he was seen as The Living Tribunal, but did that carry over into the 616 continuity? How about Malestrom? Thanks.