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Subj: Venom #157: Reactions?
Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 at 09:02:53 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)

    4chan 0-Day reactions:

    Venom #157 Storytime Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:19:28 No.96614419
    Eddie continues his battle with Kraven and a familiar face shows up.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:30:42 No.96614672
    Could Liz and Eddie hypothetically make a good couple?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:32:07 No.96614697
    A brief appearance from everyone's favorite host at Supermax

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:36:50 No.96614809
    Is it weird that I've always had a small crush on Shriek?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:41:50 No.96614909
    Kinda rude to do that to your father-in-law

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:44:55 No.96614969
    weird i thought scorn killed shriek

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:59:34 No.96615277
    >>last page
    Gee whiz what an awful state to be in. I sure hope he has some sort of loved ones whose memories can spur him on.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:07:03 No.96615438
    I've heard bad things about this run because of some edgy OC, but is it regardless still worth a read?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:15:10 No.96615638
    make your own decision

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:16:40 No.96615678
    >>Kraven hired
    I guess you could do worse than the original Superior Spider-Man.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:20:56 No.96615774
    ehhh I guess this one was ok
    not sure about the final obvious reference tho

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:20:59 No.96615776
    Luckily only hipsters were harmed by Shriek.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:25:55 No.96615886
    Anon I’m not the guy you replied to, but come on. The purpose of a board like /co/ is to share and discuss our hobby with other like-minded people. You don’t have to shill a book if you don’t want to, but you could at the very least give your own opinion on something.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:43:19 No.96616288
    I mean it started out with Lee Price, who everyone assumed was actually the new Venom but it turned out it was just a setup. It has pretty much just begun to get into Eddie's adventures again since he came back, and I don't think it's off to a bad start.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:45:55 No.96615890
    Don’t bother. NuVenom has been unremarkable at best, utter garbage any other time.

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:49:19 No.96616422
    Here's the storytime where Fisk becomes Mayor for those who care >>96609285 →

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:51:29 No.96616477
    Isn't Kraven a wanted criminal? Like, he's been arrested and escaped prison multiple times, he was in Pleasant Hill and was part of the Masters of Evil's attack on New York. Why is Fisk parading him in a Press conference like this instead of just hiring him in secret?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)16:54:29 No.96616544
    Why is this an issue when New Yorkers are perfectly fine with a city of monsters living underneath their feet?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)17:01:46 No.96616695
    How is this good news for the inmate?

    Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)17:11:44 No.96616919
    You'll just have to wait for Venom Inc. to find out ; )
    My guess, Lee somehow gets out of jail and tries to hunt down Venom to reclaim the symbiote, finds Mania instead and takes hers which we know is happening

This issue was okay. Fisk suddenly being Mayor was serially irksome to the max (just as it was LAST MONTH in DD28!). Kraven's public classification of superhuman was... curious but his (expunged?) criminal status is just plain confounding. The Dinosaur-Folk extended plotline wasn't that compelling as presented here and it's real frustrating to have to go online to marvel.wikia the "Dr.Steven" name 'cuz he didn't rate being named (again) - and he definitely deserved it. And the onus was on the readers to know Lee and Carnage names too. Shriek was okay in spite of her revolving door appearance. Good inside art to go with the good cover.

Well, THAT had NO chance of working.

Your reactions?

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