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I was going to only get it if others here liked the story and recommended it, or it had a present-day Alchemax appearance (like in a ton of Venom issues at the moment). After finding the entry on marvel wiki just now, I found it does have a present-day Alchemax reference (I like collecting present-day Alchemax stuff, as it references to the 2099 megacorp from the 2099 universe, and also sometimes has supporting characters from there introduced in Spider-Man 2099 Volumes 2 & 3), so I'll get it anyway now, but would still like to know if the story-itself is good. Spoilers are fine.


- Rodimus

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Just read the first issue. Not familiar with Mania at all or even Venom's current status. So it was a good start in introduction and good byes right away for these 2. Jumping into the middle of the action right away with Spider-Man, Venom and Peter\Flash was not that great to me. Oh well... and what was up with that Black Cat appearance. Random.

The bit with Flash and Spider-Man trying to see Liz was funny. I think what they did to Flash in this issue is pretty interesting and a better way of keeping him in the hero game.

I liked the ending with Looter at the bar.

I thought the artwork was really good thru out but the pacing of the story was just a bit off for me. See how it plays out in the next part. Hopefully there are no delays in shipping on any issue.

The Disgruntled Greek

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