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I felt there was more to come than simply 'The Oz made him immortal.'

Did he ever say anything about what he intended if indeed he thought that far ahead?

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Unstable Molecule

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And a related question - is Ultimate Peter Parker still alive, post-Secret Wars? He really was Bendis' greatest creation. As much as I grew to like Miles, I never liked how they killed Peter to make room for him.

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I think the answer to both our questions is simply... .no. That's what I'm getting here and by looking elsewhere.

I agree with you about Ultimate Peter. A shame.

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little kon-el

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When the 616 Miles Morales ends up going to the Ultimate Universe, he encounters a team of Ultimates lead by Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with MJ as his wife and Spider-Woman as his second in command.

It is nice to know that he's alive and well somewhere in the Multiverse.

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