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Subj: Venom Inc. Omega #1: 0-DAY...
Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 at 04:45:25 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)

Here's some quick replies to most of the 0-DAY reactions to this (oddly named) Event conclusion at fourchan in lieu of a paragraphed review...

Venom Inc. Omega 001 (2018)

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:10:10 No.98147396 Storytime

    Alright, lets wrap this mess up

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:16:34 No.98147452
    >>pages 1-2
    So how did Sasuke's Symbiote become so huge?

Very contrived properties evolving?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:29:26 No.98147587
    >making a positive Reagan reference
    Is this Marvel?

Just because of The Gipper comment?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:31:50 No.98147607

Never read it.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:40:08 No.98147669
    He’s just a big guy.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:47:52 No.98147736
    A lot of spitting was involved over time.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:48:54 No.9814774
    Hmm... Felicia & Eddie?


    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:49:58 No.98147755
    >>I still see symbiote on Price

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:52:17 No.98147779
    I don't get what Black Cat is complaining about. Why would the crime world not "trust" her just because Lee Price &^%$ed her up? Lee Price also screwed up the five biggest crime families in the world, does that mean nobody is going to trust them now either? She hasn't lost anything, she still has her minions and resources.
    Then again, who knows when this takes place in relation to Defenders, where she does in fact lose everything.

Ridiculous plot twist. And this coming from someone who hated her 'organic' return to real villainy.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)07:53:56 No.9814779
    Well that was terrible

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:05:07 No.98147886
    >fixed Black Cat
    Well its about damn time

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:08:40 No.98147914
    >it is not easy keeping up with all these symbiote abilities
    True dat


    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:15:48 No.98147972
    Is Slott going to undo all the damage he did on his way out? Making Black Cat good again is a nice start

Not the way to do it.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:17:08 No.98147989
    Have they made it clear to Felicia it was not Pete that did her in?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:20:40 No.98148019
    She knew it wasn't Peter. She believed him but didn't care because she wanted to be evil

Ahhh, the painful memory of it all.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:21:12 No.98148024
    WTF Lee still has what's left of the symbiote!
    At least Andi isn't completely powerless, the door is now open for Felicia to stop being a villain, and Flash is still Anti-Venom. Other than that, this crossover was as weak as I expected it to be. Thanks all the same, OP.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:23:07 No.98148043
    Could Flash grow his legs back?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:23:29 No.98148047

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:24:04 No.98148051
    Okay so lets see what this has done

    Flash is back but as anti-venom leaving it open for him to do his own junk in the future
    Andrea is no longer a venom but has her own deal going on now
    Flash and Peter are now in a OK place with Eddy
    Black Cat can stop being retarded now
    Edge boy is probably going to be a recurring Flash / Eddy villain which is honestly not that bad since Venom needed some bad guys of his own

    I think it ended fine

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:24:14 No.98148056
    >>Could Flash grow his legs back?
    Probably but I have feeling they want to keep his handicap still

Seriously? That's sad.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:24:26 No.98148059
    Why do you think so many people raged about the event?

They did? What were Diamond Sales like??

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:25:22 No.98148071
    Wasn't BC raped or something

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:26:10 No.98148076
    Felicia is drawn cute, CUTE

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:29:00 No.98148103
    >Peter STILL hasn't told Flash his Identity

Nonsense reasons along the way.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:29:47 No.98148113
    don't symbiotes give all around vison?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:32:35 No.98148139
    rip mania. i was hoping for a fire breathing symbiote.

Well, Andi COULD still keep the codename, it's not like it's symbiotecentric.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:43:13 No.98148244
    >>Peter keeps identity secret from Flash.
    Literally milking this for ten &^%$ing years. Like &^%$ing &^%$ its gotten stale already.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:47:09 No.98148289
    Seconding this, but Andi roasting Coldsteel was cathartic enough.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:47:46 No.98148297
    Hey look, antivenom crab armor.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)08:51:30 No.98148336
    Host only sees with the "eyes" they have. Symbiote can see all around but it has to relay that info to them itself and I feel like they weren't exactly in sync there.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)09:15:59 No.98148558
    >that tiny muzzle on huge gun

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)09:25:48 No.98148686
    unnecessary commentary bubbles

Not at all! It helped clarify that Spidey was somehow transferring his blood chemicals or somesuch.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)09:27:03 No.98148699
    Mania's gone: DAMN IT

She lived and'll do better as a Hellmarked hellfire hurler.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)09:58:00 No.98149142
    if antivenom can heal any wound? will it grow his legs back?

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)12:31:11 No.98151641
    I like this fight. And that eye gouge made me laugh.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)12:33:36 No.98151684
    Carnage did it better in the invasion of the symbiotes in the 90s. Can Price please just die already he's a &^%$ing piece of crap.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)12:41:31 No.98151826
    Venom is creepy.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)12:46:45 No.98151928
    Seriously and the fact that they literally go "The symbiote is still on him? Eh, we did good enough today. We'll let that go for now" He's been bonded to the damn thing for, what days max? Andi was bonded to it for over a year and sonic equipment knocked it right off. Just get some sonic, unbond him and give the symbiote back to Andi. It ain't rocket science. This is why I hate Costa's run, so many pants on head retarded plots of perfectly good hosts losing their symbiote so he can service his OC

That WAS a convoluted arrest/ending.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)12:57:30 No.98152137
    >>Felicia CUTE
    Stegman's great

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)13:12:38 No.98152421
    Lee Price should've died here

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)13:13:32 No.98152442
    >Andi just going off on her own? WHY?! JUST &^%$ING ADOPT HER OR SOMETHING FLASH

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)13:45:58 No.98153053▶
    I dont really like Stegman's Venom to be honest. Maybe I'm more used to other Venom artists but I think it feels like a regular black costume and not like the symbiote

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)14:23:19 No.98153790
    So, basically Alchemex developed some serum that was helping the Eddie keep the symbiote in check because it had been going crazy for some still unexplained reason, and this serum ALSO apparently would be lethal to the symbiote with too much exposure....soooo....Spider-Man tried to kill the symbiote while both Eddie and Flash were touching it and dumped the entire vat of the $#*& on it, and this instead of killing it....somehow turned Flash into Anti-Venom. It's quite possibly the biggest and most nonsensical I've read in a comic in a while

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)14:27:38 No.98153853
    Alright, Spidey's quips got me pretty good

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)15:28:53 No.98154854
    Alright, so, basically reading it, Flash getting anti-venom'd wasn't as bad as I thought, but the characterization of both Eddie and Flash during that convorsation they had was trash garbage, and again, the symbiote was acting retarded for no reason. Like whiny little bitch who wanted to kill for no reason.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)15:28:57 No.98154855
    Read the issue again. Original Anti-Venom serum was no part of it.


That one panel pep talk by Venom, of all voices of reason, to Black Cat at the end felt WRONG on different levels and just leaves me boggled trying to figure out how to want or take the Black Cat after this conclusion.

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)16:10:32 No.98155623
    Now let's see what actually happens:
    >Flash mainly just Spidey's buddy, doesn't really do much
    >Hellmark/Hellfire puts Andi squarely in the magic/occult/horror character realm so expect little to no further appearances from her, especially separated from Flash
    >Peter will still act as if Venom is a crazy psycho
    >Someone will want to use Black Cat as a crime boss so she'll remain a criminal
    >Sasuke is Costa's super awesome OC so he's going to hang around in Venom for the forseeable future

    Anonymous 01/17/18(Wed)16:43:02 No.98156263
    So here's the thing, Eddie's anti-venom suit, as it was explained in the comic by Slott, is made up of Eddie's white blood cells mutated with symbiote cells left behind inside of him. So his suit is a literal overreactive white blood cells into a sort of symbiote suit with little weaknesses.

    This is why when later, during Slott's spider island arc, when Reed said he took all the antivenom from his body, it'd be impossible because it would literally kill him. He'd ahve to ahve all new white bloodcells cloned and grown from scratch else Eddie would be worse off than an aids patient.

    Later on during Eddie's toxin arc, there were scenes during teh run of the suit being pushed out of him in his sleep with white shit being seen seeping. This is because his white blood cells are literally anti-venom.

    This however was never resolved as Slott probably disregarded writing he didn't agree with even though his own didn't make enough sense either.

    tl;dr as long as Eddie is alive and has white blood cells, they should be anti-venom cells.

And all the above was about 2/3 of the thread. The rest was more negative than positive and went of on tangents.
What are YOUR REACTIONS on this wrap up?


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