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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #794: PBP...
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 12:35:11 pm EST (Viewed 244 times)

Let's try another one. PageByPage reactions (to compare if you read) for...

Amazing Spider-Man 794 (2018)

This was A GOOD READ in spite of DISPLEASING rando coloring shades in too many panels and some rando logic curiousities. A bit more descript and Nuff Said might would have been welcome too.

00 Cover works.

RECAP Details with the Scorpio not-forgotten followup.

01-02 THE LOCK BOX introduced. \(yes\) Characters named. \(yes\) Plot device as a SNAFU crisis. \(yes\) But seriously, Parker was okay with this PRIVATE SECURITY firm locale as a believably secure holding for the Zodiac Key? Better than, say, a way The Avengers should secure artifacts? Is this a new site or was it purchased by Agent Hick's Team? Not to mention (blame for whomever knew of) the cliffhanger cannister being stored there? \(no\) \(no\) \(no\)

03 Breach tactics are fine. Good misdirect of who their boss is. BUT are reader readers supposed to be excited by 2 latches opening and 2 lackeys throwing the lid, instead of a visual of them throwing the actual pumpkin bombs?

04 Exciting explosions and double the pending danger. BUT what is the logic with the bombs? What kind of yield makes sense for this sabotage? If it's small for only immediate impact radius for easy targetting and not blowing the wall or the case of bombs then fine but does that mean the 2 lackeys would have to run down halls carrying the trunk together as they grabbed and tossed along the way against the unshown subsequent defenses?

05 Double danger drama builds. The bad guys grabbed downed agents' guns. No escape pods feature sounds smart. Not sure about leaving the dozen pumpkin bombs behind - No-Prize as false leads for FBI/CIA? Good page.

06 Who exactly is Bobbi working for? Couldn't Peter request an Avengers teleporter with his Identicard being as it's Scorpio sitch? Is it just simplifying trope that no England Authority is present and they have completely supported USA's Horizon for designing and supporting that Dimensional Monitor Safeguard at the 'unique locked portal' locale?

07 Drama build via f/x font works. BUT how is Scorpio opening the door if the KEY isn't even there yet, again?

08-09 Good to see some signs of hero competence with supervillain containment. Decent Spidey/Scorpio faceoff and how things go awry.

10 It would have been more scary build up, especially with the detail that Bobbi's energy wings are fallible unlike -say- Falcon's BUT then that was offput a bit because it looked that all-powerful Scorpio w/KEY had to resort to carjacking? Really?

11 Good confrontation and conversation back at Lock Box. What ARE they after curiosity mounts. Damn, it would've been useful to bring -say- a pumpkin bomb to that gunfight, eh.

12 Spidey chasing in a car... so pedestrian. How are folks seeing Scorpio heading up Big Ben? Why doesn't Mockingbird have techgoggles and why do her 'energy' wings look so ugly (while regenerating randomly)? Bad page.

13 Spidey jokes about procrastination but it's not funny in this scenario. The evil scheme is explained but it seems like just added deusexmachina for this artifact.

14 Spidey physically trying to stop illegal global infodump makes for mid-issue cliffhanger with clock ticking.

15 Neat novel twist how to get out of this 'trap'.

16-17 Cool visual backfire and plummet. BUT seriously - what happened?! Some energy feedback that only pushed villain out window and eventually dislodged the KEY later? And Spidey saaays later he wouldn't have let him go splat but his positioning is illogical.

18 Some obvious wrap up shown is good. Specific followup deets omitted not good. Modell moving Marconi to California is removing character from the big Spider-picture.

19-20 First of all - somebody remind me WEHT Carnage. Was his last seen fate at the end of his recently cancelled short book run? Secondly, HOLEY CRAP - an Osborn/Carnage team up!

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