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Subj: Ben Reilly #13
Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 at 10:44:55 am EST (Viewed 261 times)

So, is that it for the Slingers? They're just done now? Issue #13 kind of felt like everyone is going their own way, except for when Dusk wants to tell Ben about Mysterio. Hopefully that is enough of a hook to keep the Slingers (or at least Dusk) around.

It just felt kind of random. Hornet is replaced by Cyber, of all people, who gets away. Black Marvel was really a demon who offered to tutor the Slingers, but he got dissolved in holy water. Will either of these hooks come back into play? Is the Diogenes Project an ongoing thing?

I just got to the end and said "huh." I shrugged my shoulders, and started into my stack of Soule's Daredevil issues...