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Author Topic: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows#16: UnSafe Space

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Following the Parker family's day out helping out The Lizard and thawarting a mad scientist (unbeknowst to the clan, it's Mr. Sinister), Peter takes up a new job as a photography tutor at his daughter's high school...and Annie is understandably cheesed off.

Mary Jane urges Peter to give Annie space, but he can't resist waving to her in the corridor. Annie avoids him, and even brushes him off when he goes to investigate the antics of two mutated students who are causing havoc with some chemicals

I did'nt much care for Annie's portrayal here...and I get the whole "moody teenager" angle, but she acts less like a teen would at that age and more like someone STILL in kindergarden. Also felt very sorry for Peter as he tried way too hard with the students and paid a price when the students thought they were above his teachings because they know how to operate a smartphone, and once again it's Mary Jane that gets all the action.

Pacing problems and characterization aside, I like that Peter is teaching again and MJ is a blast to read here

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