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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #796: Do you think they sleep together??
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 10:15:24 pm EST (Viewed 436 times)

Amazing Spider-Man 796

What do you think is going behind the closed door? Will MJ and Peter sleep together before, after or during issue #800? That was just one of the many setup subplots thrown into this new stew. Some okay stuff, some not so okay. Here's some quick replies to just some of the 0-DAY posts at fourchan...

> I like the twist on why Carnage stays with Norman.
So far, so good and crazy.

> Jonah calling Spiderman just to troll him is hilarious.
Works as a plot point here, not sure how practical/logical it will prove to be as a norm. It was properly comical/reasonable how Spidey overcame the scream.

> Is this goblin king phil Urich still?
Peter says as much.

> Ahh the miracle of being AntiVenom
Move over Elixir, Physique, , PanaceaMorlock Healer, Zsaji RIP, Layla Miller and Night Nurse.

> I have to say it, Anti-Venom is really useful. Only thing, I don't see it fitting for Flash, a soldier in white

> It's kind of interesting considering they all went to school.

> Flash is a good dude.
Did Peter just imply he might divulge his secret to him?

> You know? If Norman would had Carnage before, he could have used its shapeshifting powers instead of so much plastic surgery. It would have been easier for him to mimic the Chamaleon.
Did any writer ever consider exploring the Chameleon transformation procedure as a plastic surgery fixall? Kind of a copy of the Clayface storyline DC just did.

> In comic book universes, Elon Musk's crazy dumb ideas actually work.

> Tritium is dangerous - well, I guess if you filled a blimp with it, you'd have a radioactive Hindenburg.

> Slott is referencing Conway´s both "door scenes". This better not be bait
Ahh, either way it was a good in-joke.

> It seems like a waste to me that Flash didn't go back to Philadelphia with Andi. New York already has plenty of superheroes.
Still waiting for new direction of Hellmark Andi new direction...

> finally flash wears pants, he usually just shows off those metal legs. What I don't get is they have life like LMD's cant they put some of that skin on the metal legs so they look like his real legs?

> "Tiger, you just hit..." It's bait. We saw a preview page that shows her turning Peter away when she takes off his shirt, and sees that he's still wearing his costume

> Apt solutions in comics [like synthetic flesh on metal legs] always disappear in consideration for the plot. ie. CWII

> "Betty-Sense" \:\-\)

> Well of course. All you guys REEEEEEEing over Slott ruining Peter have been way off base. Slott's problem is that he ran out of good ideas midway through Superior and has been since throwing out bad ideas with slopping plotting and resolutions. Giving the Carnage symbiote to Norman Osborn is a very corny idea and the execution is so... casual. It reminds me of Bendis's Super-Adaptoid Norman and how they beat him by touching him to death in one page.

> I think that´s just part of the "road to back together". Slott cares about his legacy, and this is the way to win people back

> MJ looks business chic.
It's neat tying in her Iron Man chronology. Plus, it's impressive how she covers for Peter like reflex reactions.

> Why is Peter complaining that Flash is leaving to help someone in need? Never mind, I already know the answer is Slott.

> Peter entering MJ's apt. thing is clearly going to be a cop out. One last “Fuck you” to MJ fans before he leaves:

> A Sonic scream and fire sword would have screwed over Anti-Venom too if he stayed you know

> Not gonna lie, I was worried that they'd waste time, and it'd be too late to re-attach the arm. I'm glad they're dealing with it now.
Actually, wasn't it a bit long as it were? Although, maybe Anti's power covers that.

> Zdarsky created a new character in Two-in-One who is the Superboy-Punch-type explanation for heroes and villains getting their powers back.
Oh yeah, move over Rachna Koul too. ;\)

> why does pete look like a 15 year old soyboy

> Tritium? Damn, where's Alfred Molina when you need him.
Heh. His name immediately ran thru my head there too.

> I thought Boomerang was dead?
Annoying Revolving Door appearance.

> Thinking back on it Carnage isn't as bloody as you'd think. The Carnage symbiote is part Kassidy blood even without Kassidy, so I'm assuming it might be absorbing the blood to feed kinda like how Venom sometimes eats.

> Okay, I've downright hated every bit I've read of Spiderman since before Superior, but I would actually keep reading if JJ calling at least once an issue to offer useless advice stays a thing.

> My guess is at this point editorial probably has more of a say in how he leaves the status quo. You can smell the desperation with their newly announced 17th relaunch of the past 5 years that they may be realizing listening to fans is a good idea. However it wouldn't surprise me if red goblin murders MJ because Slott. I foresee an immediate restoration of everything in a story by the new writer following that.

> I told you he was saving MJ for 800! He'll probably pour salt on the wound by having them spend so much time together make them remember the deal and their marriage, but I'm sure Slott will have one final snafu where MJ is mad that Peter sacrificed their love and daughter for his Aunt, and that'll carry over into the new series and rebuilding their relationship will be a major plot point. A man can dream.

> She left Peter because of Spider-Man, they're not going to jump back into bed together right away and I'm sure Slott will do something to make that one point stick, I'm sure it'll be a plot point for the new creative team.


> MJ was ready to become a couple again during late Big Time-early Superior (even during Spider-Island she went full "I love you"). The only thing stopping them from being a couple again is that they want to tease us.

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