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Just checked out some of this issue and was very impressed with the six page Dear Diary backup. It was a very clever way to showcase past covers, really explore protagonist motivation, and drop some organically revealed clues and plot seeds. All in a extremely pleasant layout format. So much so, that every Marvel title should COPY this and satisfying bonus content than dumping another failed Event on us.

Also curious, was the page explaining her powers. Didn't realize she had a unique repel power (just like Miles has a special electrocute power). Kind of like a second-mutation *koff* that mutants were creatively cursed with. Then again, Jessica Drew's venom blast seems similar to Miles 'unique' power. Hmm... Do we know yet if Peter's wife format in their upcoming summer annuals. That would be more rewarding and daughter in Renew Your Vows series have a unique bonus power? Maybe it's all just grasping at straws to make a spider-character different enough from Peter Parker to try n' steal some of his thunder(read:market share). Whatever.

Spider-Girl Annual 1999

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I have a soft spot for this annual. So jam packed.
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