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Author Topic: Petition for Official Marvel Bind for Spider-Girl Cannon story, (would Love Ron F & Tom D's approval)

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I want Marvel to release an official collection of the Harry Osborn Saga that so many creators have touched.

I got into contact with Sal Buscema's rep. Al, Sal's rep, is checking with Sal to see if he'll sign my custom bind and approve of our mapping.

Does anyone have comic news contacts we could reach to help us by running this story?

Currently signatures for the petition are leveling off - and despite writing letters to Marvel corporate, to Jennifer Gruenwald, Jeff Blomquist, Tom Brevoort, emailing, and Tweeting - we need to reach a greater audience to continue.

I know this is a long shot, but if you could find any way to help us, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you and take care,

How Creators were contacted:
JM DeMatteis - East Coast Comic Con, Facebook, & Twitter
Ann Nocenti - ECCC & FB
Jim Salicrup - ECCC
Danny Fingeroth - ECCC & Twitter
Mike Zeck - via email, ECCC
Sal's rep - by email
Gerry Conway - Twitter

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