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I was at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, and I saw "Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero, Updated Edition" I never looked through the original version, but I looked through the table of contents for Spider-Girl. Found her, flipped through the book hoping that it wasn't going to be Arana and bam! Spider-Girl... err... Woman?

I find it funny that they listed her as Spider-Woman, but know that no one will know how to find her unless they list her in the table of contents as Spider-Girl.

Then again, it might just be an editing mistake if the last version had her listed as Spider-Girl and they were only thinking about updating her name on her page.

Anyways... I thought it was interesting. I know I prefer her original name.

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Just the same BS as calling the missed wedding from OMIT as ''what really happened'' to Peter and MJ. They lure you in with bait then deliver on what you don't want to read about.

Mayday will always be Spider-Girl. The person affected by Spider-Verse wasn't even the one Tom D worked on, that's established.

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Not by Marvel though. The guy who wrote the story flat out said that it was MC2 Spider-Girl because he supposedly loved that character and wanted to use her. I accept the fact that Marvel used and changed the character... Spider-Girl belongs to them and that's their choice.

I haven't read anything post Spider-Verse... but I'm okay with how I last saw her. Not happy, but okay. I hate the name Spider-Woman for May, but maybe she will go back to Spider-Girl once people start treating her like she's way older than she is, or some evil Spider-Woman will re-use an old story line from 616 and May goes back because of that... who knows.

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Nonsense. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that it wasn't the canon Mayday [The Unlimited game, the fact there is canonically more than one Mayday with a similar timeline, Peter's leg etc]

Slott is a known liar, he says anything to get a reaction out of fans. I'll go with what Tom and Ron hinted at, the real Mayday is still out there and unaffected.

It's only defeatists that claim otherwise. Don't be one of those.

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Besides, Slott and editorial can come out and say "Yes, this is Mayday, it's permanent, ETC, ETC" but there's not a damn thing that stops a future writer and editorial team to come in and continue Mayday's adventures, ignoring Spiderverse completely.

You see that with death in comics all the time. A writer and editor will kill off a character, say that it's for real and the character will stay dead... only for a another writer and editor down the line to reverse the decision.

Considering how many people grew up with Spider-Girl, it would not surprise me at all to see someone undo Dan Slott's story in the future if they break into Marvel Comics (lord knows I would).

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Hey, this whole universe was started with the question, What if?! So sure. Maybe one day.

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I don't have the issues in front of me, but can you tell me more about the differences between the Spider-Verse Mayday and the previous MC-2 Mayday?

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It's a combination of issues and an interview Ron gave

Peter had a bionic leg when he was killed, not a prosetic

Mayday has short hair in Spider Verse, the Unlimited game still has her with long hair via the unmasked variant you can play as

Mayday called Benjy ''Benny'' repeatedly in the Spider Verse tie ins.

MJ Had dark red hair and not the dyed red hair she had throughout most of Tom's run

Mayday makes mention of other realites where the Parker family is intact

The UK Spider Man comics have a timeline similar to MC-2

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