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Subj: Is Thor Invulnerable to Hel Fire?...
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 05:55:46 pm EDT (Viewed 279 times)

--Spoilers Below--

Or is he using something to shield himself from Surtur's fire attack.
Thor is clearly impervious to normal fire...but hel fire is something special.
Only Mjolnir would allow Thor to withstand such an attack.

I've looked carefully at the HD version of those few seconds of Thor vs Surtur.
If you scrub back and forth slowly you can clearly see something spinning in front of Thor to block the flames…it's Mjolnir ("a weapon that has no equal" - Odin) ;\-\)

I'm really excited to see that because it leads me to believe Taika has done his homework on Thor.
The circular spinning Mjolnir block is something classic Thor (volume 1 Thor) - did often, but rarely if ever in modern comics.

Branagh's Thor also used an equally classic spinning Mjolnir, but as an awesome attack on multiple targets.
Hopefully we'll get to see that attack again in the future.

This movie "Thor Ragnarok" is winning me over \:\-\) I had, and to some extent still do have concerns about the humor, short hair, no hammer for most of the movie and Hulk upstaging Thor…but the Visuals, Color, Scope, Cast and everything else we've seen from the trailers and tv spots seem "Incredible" and "Mighty" \:\-\)

He fights like Captain America. He's strong like the Hulk. He flies like Ironman...and He wields Mjolnir, hammer of the gods...with the Power of the Storm, Wind, Rain, Lightning and Thunder... He is the Mightiest Avenger! He is the Mighty THOR!