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Subj: Mighty Thor #23 Thoughts
Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 at 12:23:04 am EDT (Viewed 480 times)

Speed read through this today..and honestly kind of a disappointment.

War Thor and Jane battle it out. War Thor wants to destroy the realms of Svaltiheim and Muspelheim to end the war in a day. Jane says they have "to be better" and destroying the realms will only give the Dark Elves another reason to hate and create more wars. Issue ends with Thor ordering Ultimate Mjolnir back to old Asgard, The War of Realms spreading to Vanehiem and Helheim, and Malekith approaching the Angels for an alliance.

I admit I am mixed. There are a few touching emotional moments especially at the end where Jane convinces Volstagg to give up Ultimate Mjolnir upon realizing how ugly he has become. It is said to see kindly Volstagg has become a raging monster. The artwork is quite beautiful and the are a few badass scenes such as Jane holding both Mjolnirs or War Thor unleashing his power.

But...for all the build up of War Thor and Ultimate Mjolnir from the Unworthy mini it feels like we were short changed. War Thor lasted only about two issues. And for all Jane's talk she has not proposed a way to end the war in a timely manner. Malelkith is not only going to repeat what he did to Alfheim to other realms, but is recruiting more allies. I am not sure what if anything she accomplished. As far as I can tell Dark Elves and Fire Demons already have plenty of hatred for the other races.

I can't help but get the feeling that for all the build up of this being a "War is Hell" storyline it is going to end with Jane doing an heroic sacrifice that miraculously ends the war without any of the heroes having to get their hands dirty.

A few other things that left me scratching my head:

1. War Thor claims Ultimate Mjolnir is a "warhammer" unlike the true Mjolnir. What is he talking about? I thought Mjolnir had always been a war hammer?

2. When did Balder become king of Helheim?

3. How does Thor attach Jarlbjorn to his back to carry it?

Eh, overall I give the issue about a 6.5 out of 10.

Anyone Else?

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