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Subj: When Was The First Time That We Found Out That Loki And Thor Were Related, And Is Loki Similar To His Myth Version?
Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 at 12:47:25 pm EDT (Viewed 191 times)

I was wondering if this was established during the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby era. I read a few of those Journey issues in trade a long time ago, and my memory might be wrong on this (It usually never is if it's comic,movie or written related. Am I pathetic?),but I don't recall them discussing being related or brothers. Was it ever established why Loki had such a hatred for him and Odin? In addition, did he have set power levels during The Silver Age, or did he get more powerful later on?

I've never read the mythology, but is the comic(Or cinematic.) version of Loki similar to his mythological one? From what I read, the Loki of myth was more of a trickster god, and not really all that violent or dangerous. He was more manipulative?

Thanks for the help.